Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has shared new information about the new Apple gadget that will help users to find lost items. It is assumed that the release of the Apple Tag will take place next week.

According to experts, one of the key features of Apple tracker will support UWB technology. Unlike Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this technology more accurately identifies the location of the device. While UWB uses less power. But there are also disadvantages. The technology does not work at large distances.

There is a possibility that iPhone 11 Pro will also support UWB. Thus, users will be able to determine the position of the label with an accuracy of 5-10 cm For comparison Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow you to calculate the distance to the desired object with an accuracy of 5 meters.

At the moment it is unknown whether Apple Tag only work with UWB. Most likely, the cupertinos will equip the tracker and more Bluetooth Low Energy, so the mark could work with all Apple mobile devices.


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