At the moment Apple smart watches are able to track some of the indicators of man and to warn users of potential health problems. However, in the future cupertinos can increase the number of monitored parameters. In particular, the company is considering adding in the Apple Watch function, which will allow to protect users from sunburn.

According to one of Apple’s patents, in the future Apple smart watch may receive an analyzer UV rays. Especially for his work in the Apple Watch can be added to a dedicated processor, battery and infrared spectrometer, which measures the intensity of the radiation.

In case of exceeding certain parameters, the watch will tell users about the danger of burns. Cupertinos hope that this feature will reduce the risk of skin cancer.

It should be noted that in the patent portfolio of Apple there are many papers that describe various functions that can appear in the Apple Watch in the future. For example, in one patent there is a description of the built-in monitor for the Apple watch and the other is a non-invasive glucometer.


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