The problem was originally found in the app “Radio station” for smart watches Apple. The company has already disabled the program appeared to fix the vulnerability. The company’s decision on blocking of work of the application is temporary.

Apple immediately tried to reassure the public, saying that she did not know about when revealed the vulnerability has been used against users of the company’s products. Apple also said that the company’s specialists have already fix the bug. Interestingly, the app “Radio station” will not disappear from smart watches the company, but it will stop working at the time of correcting the error.

At the beginning of the year, a similar error was discovered in another application Apple’s FaceTime. Then, when you perform a quite simple sequence of actions, anyone could start secretly to eavesdrop on the conversation between the owners of Mac or iPhone. The company has responded to the error and corrected it only after a week after its occurrence.

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