Apple received a patent that hints at the advent of Always on Display. She needed to watch were able to constantly show the time, according to 9to5Mac.

Many users of the Apple Watch would want the clock always display the current time. But Apple doesn’t add this feature because one can encounter serious problems.

First, worse autonomy. On average, Apple Watch do not work more than three days, and this despite the fact that the screen is not always active. With the addition of Always-on, the display will consume more energy. But this disadvantage can be solved by using the display dimmer picture.

The second problem is the fact that the Apple Watch uses OLED screen. It does have its advantages, for example, a flawless black color and high energy efficiency. As a student who meets all OLED-displays — fading pixels. New Apple patent should solve the issue.

The company’s engineers want to gather statistics screen burn-in. Watch must store information about the state of each pixel to use for the artificial restoration of the OLED display. This will take place by adjusting the brightness and color of individual sections of the screen.

Information may be stored in the form of high-quality images that will occupy free memory. How to solve this problem, will have to figure out to Apple developers.


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