The Russian stage of the XV international student competition “Multikomfort from Saint-Gobain” for the first time this year was held in an online format. Objective tests, developed in close cooperation with the municipality of Milan (Italy), was modernization and redevelopment of metro Crescenzago in accordance with the vision #milano2030. For winning the contest fought 15 teams from different cities of Russia.

The project was to present a reconstruction of three existing buildings in connection with the new integrated development: residential development, public facilities and services. The projects also were presented the requirements of innovativeness, energy efficiency, sustainability and compliance with the criteria of the “Multikomfort”.

In addition to detailed and comprehensive tasks of the contest organizers, the participants of the special nomination from his official partner — the company GRAPHISOFT — was necessary to comply with a number of requirements: to efficiently perform architectural component of the project, rationally using the technology of information modeling for the realization of their ideas.

To evaluate the use of working in BIM (Building Information Modeling — information modeling building) the students were required to provide the project file (pla/pla), made in the ARCHICAD environment. In the first place, estimated the culture of work in the file and the structuring and the correct use of program functions and work with the information component of the project.

The winner in the special nomination for best GRAPHISOFT the BIM project was the team # 73: space Point representing the Academy of construction and architecture, Samara Polytechnic University. It includes students Elizabeth Pervova and Alexei of Moscow, the head — senior teacher of the Department “Architecture” Petr Slastenin.

The winners were awarded with Apple Pencil stylus, app BIMx PRO and special Souvenirs from GRAPHISOFT, developer of ARCHICAD, the first industry-CAD BIM solution for architects.

“Project winners really performed well — the participants managed not only to fulfill the complex competition assignment from Saint-Gobain, but do it with the help of modern BIM tools ARCHICAD, — said the expert on educational programs GRAPHISOFT Maria Kalashnikova. — I would particularly like to note the high level of organization culture the structure of the file of winners and mastery of the tools of ARCHICAD — students of the Samara Academy of architecture and construction always show excellent results and twice became the winners in our category. Therefore, we would like to Express my gratitude to the academic staff of the University.”

Future architects learned about the contest ISOVER STUDENTS from the presentation of the organizers and immediately decided to take part in it. Interested in the scope of work provides great opportunities to implement ideas, as well as raised, well-defined objectives that, in their opinion, greatly facilitates the work. ARCHICAD they believe, without exaggeration, the most comfortable program for architects, and began to develop they still in the first year.

“The program is like brushes for a painter, without it in any way. It allows you to create polished drawings that will be understandable to the customer and the contractor, comment Polytechnic students. — A large set of tools and a lot of mechanical options to save time and avoid even the slightest errors. Every day we learn the program better, discovering new functions that allows us to create projects of a qualitatively new level”.

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