“To achieve simplicity, you need to dig a tunnel in the bowels of difficulty. To be truly simple, you need to get to the depth”, — said the Director of design, Apple’s Jonathan Ive. The news of his departure from his post cost the company $9 billion of market capitalization. This is almost equal to the capitalization of the Bank VTB and two times more than the cost of Tinkoff.

This is not surprising. Apple did not invent the first personal computer, nor the first smartphone, nor even the first app store, without which the iPhone could not be the basis of the company’s revenues. But after the return of Steve jobs, his company was able to show how to do these products, that they are equal to the industry. And without design Jonathan Ive, it was impossible.

In our gallery — successful, unsuccessful and just original moves by Apple that the company was able to realize thanks to Quince.

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