This Saturday, June 1, TNT will be the long-awaited final of the second season of the show “SONGS”! The winner that will be chosen by viewers, will receive all — and a contract with a producer, and an impressive cash prize of 6 million rubles. In addition, Timati and Basta will personally choose the artists with whom they will continue to work on the Black Star label and creative Association “Gasometer”. In the release you are waiting for your favorite room of the show “SONGS” and the premiere of bright tracks. The ending was reached only by four participants. To evaluate their performances, this time the artist, who for the first time will be in the chair of the jury of the show “SONGS.” TRITIA for the First time in the history of show SONGS, the producers have a chance to work with one contractor, but with the whole group, which by the beginning of the project have already been your signature style. For personality, the members of the group, according to Basta, worried and trying to protect. In each issue TRITIA delighted the audience with powerful rock songs in the synthesis directed by Miguel turned into a cosmic concert performances. Don’t miss Saturday’s premiere of a new song TRITIA. The show’s host Will Paul calls them the most intelligent rock band, and Timothy — main competitors Black Star.

Ksenia Minaeva Second finalist team Basta, to which everything in the project have tender feelings: Will Paul admires her ability to sing in completely different genres, Timothy calls her songs are the most good and bright, and Basta, who believe she believes her work on the project a breakthrough: from girl that sings on the Arbat, it has grown into a real artist. This time Minaeva will present a very good and bright track. Slame Timothy called him a “dark horse” of the project. Slame has never been a favorite of the audience voting, but his ability to “lay”, to write texts and to blend in seamlessly with absolutely any story admired producers of Black Star from the beginning of the show. On the new concert Slame shows a Grand room with a dance performance in which he actively participates. AMCHI Former member of the boy band called pet all spectators of the show “SONGS”, his collaboration track “get Away” with Ternovoy — the winner of the first season blew up the charts and made it into first place in the iTunes and Apple Music. And although that’s regularly criticizes AMCHI and believes that he has not yet found wide his image, his producer Timothy believes in his ward and see him as a sincere artist. At Saturday’s concert AMCHI will perform twice: a solo accompanied by the orchestra and a duet with STRANIZA, whose song “Let go” it will give a new sound. This room will be the first in the history of fitom Black Star and “Tank”. Also in the final concert of the show “SONGS” are: — the Absolute hit of Borodinoj, which provoked discussion, how much is a normal bra; — Solo performance Say Mo with her author’s song — twerk and reading in the hands of the crowd; — a Lyrical duet ANIKV and Cyril Mednikova, which they opened the first concert. Who will be the next superstar and will continue her musical career, and who will fly the distance in one step from a dream? Who gets the money and the love of the people? And what surprises for the audience this time made the creators of the greatest musical shows of our country? See the final show of the “SONGS” this Saturday, June 1, at 20.00 on TNT!

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