Recently up for auction RR Auction were exhibited a lot associated with Apple. They became old floppy disk Macintosh System Tools Version 6.0. Externally, the drive is in good condition. Auctioneers had estimated the lot at $ 7,500.

The main feature of floppy disks is the signature of Steve jobs made on one side in black pen. It should be noted that the co-founder of Apple company are very reluctant to sign autographs, so all things with his signature are quite expensive.

I wonder what the initial price was only $ 1,000. Now, however, collectors are willing to buy a disk more than $ 5,000. Before the auction is still a few days, and we can assume that the final price will be even higher.

Among the collectors things related to Apple are highly evaluated. About it eloquently speak the prices at which sold these lots. Often, guides or posters with the autographs of Apple founders leave the auction for a few thousand dollars.


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