The European Commission on competition issues considering Alasania Apple to transfer iPhone to USB connector-C. This follows from the statements of the Commissioner of the office of Margrethe Vestager, which leads Reuters. According to her, the introduction of a single standard charging will reduce the damage to wildlife and will improve the usability of appliances.

“Given the unsatisfactory progress in a voluntary producers go [to a single charging standard], the Commission intends to conduct its own impact assessment, which will entail the enterprise”, — quotes Reuters the words of Ms. Vestager.

iPhone USB C

Interestingly, Apple was one of the 14 companies, which in 2009 signed an agreement to transition to the standard MicroUSB to 2011. Waiting for the expiration of the contract, in Cupertino is transferred branded smartphones and tablets to the new standard, which, however, was not related to USB any relation to Lightning.

I agree Apple to use USB-C in a future iPhone, the vast majority of consumers — no doubt I would have made this decision with enthusiasm. This has eliminated confusion in the connectors, and the need to use different cables or adapters for charging and pairing of devices within the same ecosystem.


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