A new initiative.

The Russian government has drafted a new bill providing for the introduction of a special metering system identification number IMEI mobile devices. Under the bill, in Russia will be created a database of the IMEI, which will allow mobile operators to quickly locate a stolen device. The initiative was supported by the regulators and should be considered by the state Duma in the near future. It is reported TASS with reference to the document of the bill.

In the document of the bill States that operators will have to connect to the network only the users of mobile phones and smartphones with permissible identification numbers. Those subscribers who have not registered the IMEI of their mobile devices in a single database, it is proposed to block.

The process of IMEI registration in a Central database offer to pay. At the current stage in the bill provides that the fee for registration from a physical person must not exceed 100 rubles.

Deputies expect that the creation of such a database will allow operators and law enforcement agencies much easier to track the stolen smartphones. This will also allow to control illegal imports (“grey”) smartphones. One of the advantages of the bill is the ability to check the mobile before buying.

The initiators of the innovation were the senators of the Federation Council Commission on information society development. According to them, the bill is supported by the relevant departments and ministries. Soon it will be submitted to the state Duma for consideration.

Source: TASS.


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