Bank OTKRITIE has launched an updated corporate cards greatly extending their functionality. This is done in the framework of the decisions set out in the Bank’s strategy objectives of the transformation of “Open” in today’s technologically advanced financial institution.

Now on the base card has a “designer” to connect the right client services. It can be the individual limit for debit transactions and cash withdrawals, automatic conversion, the possibility of self-service, using the card to pay for trips.

Corporate cards of the Bank “Opening” on the basis of international Business Visa is issued for 4 years. The first six months service card for free for the client.

The new corporate card holders also got the opportunity to use payment services Samsung Pay/ Apple Pay/ Google Pay. With the use of e-wallets has become much easier to make purchases. After all electronic purses are everywhere, where you can pay with Visa contactless. This service is not charged and is available to holders of corporate cards for free.

Andrew Karasev, senior Vice President, corporate business Department of Bank “Opening”: “Our Bank is configured to provide corporate clients with quality and modern services in the field of payment services, with the ability to customize their functionality to the needs of a specific user. Therefore, we have significantly updated their corporate cards. While we understand that the corporate card is just one of the tools for operational banking customer, and its main advantage is the small format. But even if you have it not at hand, and you stay connected, you can use the electronic purse on the basis of our map, which is very convenient and practical. We expect that before the end of July will be issued more than 700 cards. We hope that our customers will be satisfied with their new functionality”.

General license of Bank of Russia No. 2209 issued on 24.11.2014

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