The business training to aspiring entrepreneurs inspiring stories creating a great brand. Motivation becomes the real facts of how ordinary people, through perseverance and thinking outside the box has been successful and has greatly expanded its influence and trade networks, industrial enterprises. However, few people learn from others ‘ mistakes, because the largest companies and famous business people have suffered financial ruin.

Portal DUTY.The Russian Federation has decided to deal with the causes of the famous Russian and foreign bankruptcies.

Cars Marussia Motors: why Nikolai Fomenko was not able to keep the company afloat?

“Marussia motors” was to become the first company in Russia specializing in the manufacture of racing cars. The organization was registered in 2007, actor Nikolay Fomenko. Partners of the artist became businessmen Efim Ostrovsky and Anton Kolesnikov. By the way, Marussia Motors do the first time, it was considered successful because it managed to be a sponsor of the races of Formula 1, to design 44 models of sports cars and release 4 serial crossover.

The organization Nikolay Fomenko has generated huge interest among investors, she was able to attract multimillion-dollar investments. Plans “Marusya motors” was the creation of luxury limousines and cars. The company even managed to buy shares in well-known member of the Formula 1 — Virgin Racing.

But, unfortunately, only ambition and advertising is insufficient to maintain the health of the enterprise. Activities Marussia Motors was doomed, because:

Nikolai Fomenko pretty quickly soured on the project and, as head of the engineering Department of the company, in fact, was out of work, doing a formal issues like registration of documents;

the car failed to pass the crash tests, and the team “Marusya motors” not gained on the race a single point — the design was indeed spectacular and daring, attracting the audience, but in fact they were “weak” and could not develop sufficient speed, or to ensure driver safety;

Marussia Motors is not impeded “domaslovec” the media, causing the company’s reputation was virtually destroyed journalists.

In 2014, the organization was recognized as untenable. It is reported that employees “Marusya motors” for a long time have not been paid, which have been forced to take strike action and go to court.

There is information that some investors from Siberia and Italy intend to revive the brand, but the information is not confirmed.

New York city Opera: from prosperity to decline

History of the new York city Opera begins in 1943. The mayor of the largest settlement USA Mr. John LaGuardia opened the Opera in order to popularize high art of music among the common people. The repertoire of the monastery art were works such as:

“Tosca” By Puccini;

“The castle of Duke Bluebeard” by Bartok;

“Dialogues des Carmelites” by Poulenc;

“The fiery angel” by Prokofiev;

“The silent woman” by Strauss, and others.

To interest of ordinary new Yorkers to visit the theater, it was also staging musicals and operettas. The city Opera helped to realize the budding American composers and singers. The theatre was operated by the artists, who knew exactly the needs of the audience and the artists.

But, alas, the Director did not take into account the interests of sponsors. On the stage of the new York Opera was staged the scandalous work, revealing the life of a stripper Anna Nicole Smith, who became the wife of 89-year-old millionaire. On hearing this statement, the sponsors of the theatre, among whom were the heirs of billionaire James Howard Marshall II, refused to continue funding the Opera.

The result of the new York abode of art has failed, is unable to pay salaries to the artists. Since the management of the theater engaged exclusively in artists from the Opera formed the large debts associated with an incompetent management. The theater went bankrupt in 2013.

The bankruptcy of the partner of “Energomash” Alexei pleshcheeva

Alexei Pleshcheyev, partner of machine-building holding “Energomash”, had to initiate its own bankruptcy to escape payment of more than 55 billion rubles. debt. The debt was formed before the “savings” when Mr. Pleshcheyev and Director of “Energomash” Alexander Stepanov took out a large loan to the financial institution. The money, according to the contract, was spent on the construction of power plants.

According to one version, two businessmen were engaged in deliberate bankruptcy of the energy companies, introducing them as their people and further redistributing stock to other companies. In carrying out all these procedures and were using the money “savings”. In fact, Alexei Pleshcheev has created a financial pyramid for bankruptcy with the aim to enrich, but in the end, the insolvent was he.

The Failure Of Alberto Vilar

Alberto Vilar, the famous investor, to invest their assets in such organizations as Microsoft, Apple, Cisco and others. It was a man with a good sense of benefit: the first million dollars he inherited in 1981. But vanity played against him doing charity work in theatres, Alberto Vilar asked to name companies his name, the book named the chairs, hung a sign with his name and his portraits. Vanity forced Alberto Vilar to make too large donations to charity, hoping to circumvent the other patrons. The result — bankruptcy.

Himself Alberto Vilar was bound to be ineffective with health problems. But after, when he was arrested for fraud, it was revealed that he had borrowed money from individuals and spend it on personal goals, for example, race horses.

Why are there bankruptcy?

A history of bankruptcy are always different, but the patterns still can be found. His opinion was shared by Nikita Kuznetsov, a leading Youtube channel Million Story:

“Everyone can make a mistake, and sometimes “bad history” becoming a better teacher. The business — great attention to appearance. One work with emicom reputation creating beautiful design and advertising does not make the company a leader. Need to worry about product functionality, understanding that looks are not important. Take the same Motorola that could not compete with Apple, because most of the money invested in design and advertising. The result — huge financial losses and declining sales”.

The reasons of bankruptcies Nikita Kuznetsov calls “keeping on brand”, when big companies buy up the stock is already known to be “sick” of the company, not renewable, but having a big name. The interests of sponsors, distributors, ability to find compromises with creditors and business partners — the main guarantee that insolvency will not happen.

Eugene Kushkov, host of the blog “the Business plan B2Y”, in his video also said that the bankruptcy of companies is always involved in international crises. But that’s not the main reason of the insolvency of businesses and organizations. The main problem of bankruptcies Eugene Kushkov considers the failure of economic and legal knowledge of businessmen.

“The situation in the world is constantly changing and adapting to it, you need to be ahead of the competition, to possess new information. Was a rumor about a new tax — we must now think how to build a business around it and to minimize the fees and penalties. The new amendment in the law — need to learn to start to put into practice, however difficult it may be. Became aware of a new technology solution — likely to ally with the innovators and promote your product or service to the masses, yet did not rest. For this entrepreneur or company should always set aside money from your profits. And because most of the money you want to spend on yourself, and experiences some of the largest bankruptcy,” — said the new.

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