Amazon rainforest is in danger, and threatens them not only the flames to rescue them in a hurry the whole world from Leonardo DiCaprio to President of France. But Brazil is in no hurry to accept help. Behind this is pride or something much more? Understands columnist “360”.

Hot summer 2019 ends an international scandal at the highest level. The President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro got under fire of criticism of the leaders of some Western countries accuse him of failing to quickly and effectively defeat the massive wave of fire that devours the Amazon rainforest since the beginning of August.

Led the attack on the “Brazilian tramp” the President of France Emmanuel Makron — he accused Bolsonaro in violation of the agreements on the ecological policy, and then became the idea to organize an Alliance of States, which, like a League of superheroes who will rescue the Amazonian jungle. However, for this you will need to enter in the territory of a special international status.

That’s just the Makron forgot who he was dealing with. A former paratrooper and captain of artillery, who led Brazil in January of this year, is known for its strong character and unwillingness to compromise. He is also a staunch supporter of the most economic and political independence of their country. The idea of Macron, according to Bolsonaro, can be a disguise for colonial plans and gives a desire to host in the Amazon, like this “no man’s land”.

Support intractable Brazilian came from an unexpected quarter — the United States offered assistance in putting out fires, but did so “with respect.” President Donald trump, instead of attacking a colleague, called him a trusted partner, making every effort to save forests.

Perhaps the idea of the Makron will come to life, but not the way she thought. Before our eyes appear the outlines not of the same Alliance, and even two — globalist and Patriotic.

Light the fire

Back to the Amazon. There really was a difficult situation. The Equatorial jungles of South America call the wet or rain, but in this dry season, they burn like matches. Bolsonaro thrown in the fight with the fire element more than 40 thousand military and fire aircraft, however, the suppression of the jungle while there is with varying degrees of success.

And that’s bad. Let the “lungs of the planet” is just a beautiful image, it has some truth. Seemingly almost endless jungle of the Amazon covers 40% of Latin America and form a huge green spot in the eight States.

Together with the Amazon, considered to be one of the longest rivers in the world, Selva is a unique natural complex and, along with the Siberian forests, plays a key role in the changes in the global climate. A huge number of plants and trees are up to 20% of all oxygen on the planet and absorb carbon dioxide — roughly speaking, make the air on Earth more habitable for humans and animals. Fires not only destroy these lungs, they emit massive doses of carbon dioxide. And this year especially a lot of them.

The number of fires just over the past eight months has exceeded 80 thousand is a scary number, especially when compared with last year, when they were two times less. And this against the background of an unprecedented drought that could last at least another three months — according to scientists, in the near future the rainfall will be two times smaller than normal.

The desire to stop the unprecedented fires has led to an unprecedented campaign on social networks with the participation of many celebrities on the protection of forests shoulder to shoulder stood supermodels, musicians, actors and athletes. About danger to tropical forests, told the hundreds of millions of subscribers, footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo would Dibala, singer Zoe Kravitz, rapper Jaden Smith and, of course, one of the most prominent environmental activists of our time, star of “Titanic” and “Once in Hollywood” by Leonardo DiCaprio.

“The world’s largest tropical forest is an essential element of global climate solutions. Without the Amazon we will not be able to restrain the warming of the Earth. Amazon needs more than our prayers,” wrote the actor in Instagram. His charitable Foundation has allocated five million dollars for the restoration of the jungle.

The money offered not only by celebrities and companies like Apple (their contribution should not be less than $ 10 million). At the G7 summit Bolsonaro was proposed tranche with a volume of € 20 million. However, the Brazilian President has not yet made a generous gift.

Hard dispute

The first message from the failure of Brazil on foreign aid has been disproved, however, and on the approval of the tranche authorities have not yet reported. The fate of this money can solve the macron, who became chief Prosecutor Bolsonaro at the summit. As far as we know, the Brazilian leader expects an apology for the “impact” from France. However, earlier macron accused colleague’s rudeness to his wife, so soon reconciliation should not wait.

In addition to the personal factor, is purely political. At the moment, supporters of the need to combat global warming and opponents of the new Brazilian authorities have United against a common enemy in the face Bolsonaro.

Although he has been in power less than a year, it is accused of the opening of the Amazon for different kinds of farmers and businessmen, presumably, the culprits in accidental fires or even intentional arson for cleaning the area, as well as in budget cuts to the agencies that struggled with poachers and other criminals seeking shelter in the jungle.

Characteristically, it is now “bi-Bi-si” has an exclusive interview with former President of Brazil Lula da Silva, who is serving a sentence for corruption offences. The once powerful politician had retained a certain prestige among the Brazilians leftist.

“How dangerous Bolsonaro for the environment?” the first question is obviously, how an objective journalist. But da Silva does not notice the accusatory is telling how ignorant and evil leader now in power in the country and how Brazil needs to establish close ties with other countries. Who knows how much truth in his words, but do not forget that Lula himself convicted of receiving bribes from giant companies associated with the oil Corporation Petrobras.

Guilty if Bolsonaro in neglect of environment and poor protection of nature — a question separate consideration. But there is another side. And it is the desire of globalist elites to reconsider the principle of sovereignty of independent States.

Savoury vinegar

On a freebie and vinegar sweet — Bolsonaro this principle absolutely not close. “Macron promises of assistance from rich countries of the Amazon. Does it happen that someone helps someone, if not poor, just like that? What they want there so long?” — he asks a reasonable question.

It is worth Recalling that, according to the plan of Makron, Brazil might lose control of the Amazon in case if its actions are “contrary to the interests of the planet.” Excellent wording, isn’t it? Money the Brazilian authorities will also receive under certain conditions: when you agree to cooperate with NGOs and will provide all necessary assistance to the international structures on their land.

If such a “micronization” international law will be applied once, nothing prevents this process be repeated at any point of the globe. In Siberia, this trick will not work with the sanctions imposed by Russia prefer not to go for such a blatant conflict — but somewhere in the middle East or in Africa, “international zone” can become an advanced analogue of the European colonies of the past.

Maybe it’s just a tidbit of the “lungs of the planet”: the Amazon is one of the most pristine and richest regions of the Earth where deposits of precious metals and minerals hidden near thickets of rare medicinal plants. Let’s not forget about the huge reserves of timber.

Bolsonaro said all of this wealth, a national, not an international treasure — he is the spiritual descendant of the first Portuguese conquerors, Vyrubova in the jungle small plots under their FORTS and small settlements, as well as his father’s son, who was one of tens of thousands of miners illegally extracting gold in the depths of the Amazon.

The President shared not only the core voters, but his advisers. “Brazil is an example for the whole world. Our people know that the Brazilian Amazonia belongs to us and its wealth must be produced in the most sparing way to our prosperity,” said in his Twitter this point one of the members of the Brazilian Cabinet, General Augosto Elena.

Before the fires, the supporters Bolsonaro remind: Selva burned before, it’s a natural process and its intensity is not large enough to speak of a world catastrophe. Apparently, and also said President Donald trump, expressed Brazil’s full and unconditional support.

Review trump is contrary to longstanding imperialist policies of the United States in Latin America — in this region, the Americans often topple unwanted leaders, put their puppets or supported by outright dictators.

However Bolsonaro is often called the Brazilian tramp: the two leaders focused primarily on the Patriotic voter, which the welfare and integrity of the country cares more than good relations with other States.

Increasing degree of isolationism and the rejection of international agreements in favor of the national interest and attracted many Europeans in the UK became Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is considered a politician “trametsch” sample, and in France it is very popular moderate nationalist marine Le Pen.

It’s not bad and not good as can’t be “bad” storm or fire in the forest. Rather, these are signs of a new era in which globalism, with its desire to create a supranational international structures, will be only one of the vectors of further development of the world community.

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