What to give on February 23? There are options!

Not sure what your loved ones will give you a welcome gift on February 23? Take the situation into your own hands! And make yourself the perfect gift. Gift ideas on February 23, which will be useful to men, gathered in this collection.

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1. Shaving kit from Xiaomi

Price: 1523 ruble (25% discount).

Chic shaving kit from a known company Xiaomi. The main element of the set is very high quality razor that is recognized as the better models from Gillette. And, as in the case of most other products, Xiaomi, the margin is minimal, so the razor’s also economical. Included are branded shaving foam and a removable head.

2. Multitool

Price: 812 roubles (40% discount).

A multitool is useful for every man device that will allow you to have many tools always at hand. But usually the extra money to buy a multitool is never and buying all the time is delayed. On 23 February, make a pleasant exception and treat yourself to a quality multitool. This stainless steel model features 15 tools and extremely positive reviews — verified purchase.

3. Waterproof backpack

Price: 1166 rubles (discount 23%).

Cool Hiking backpack in unisex style. Perfect for trips, fishing or hunting.

4. Headphones for hunting

Price: 1950 roubles (discount 52%).

Stylish gaming headphones that really make. Headphones have a great clear sound, good microphone and a convenient structure of the body for long comfortable gaming sessions. Importantly, the headphones has a backlight.

5. A knife like in CS:GO

Price: 829 roubles (20% discount).

And one more gift for gamers — a gorgeous knife, just like in CS:GO, with gradient coloring. It is important to note that this is not a toy. This is a real knife that can be used in agriculture. Of course, if you want to spoil such beauty.

6. Vacuum cleaner for car

Price: 1645 rubles (10% discount).

Compact but powerful vacuum cleaner for car. An indispensable tool for everyone who wants the car is always kept clean. Cool model, which is tested by hundreds of customers.

7. Leather crossbody bag

Price: 3122 ruble (discount 45%).

Stylish leather crossbody bag. Will comfortably carry all the documents, keys and other small items that are needed every day.

8. Tool set (165 pieces)

Price: 1910 rubles (53% off).

A powerful set of 165 (!) tools. Things men always save, trying to postpone an enjoyable purchase. But it is February 23, you can make an exception! Moreover, when operating such a powerful discount. Be sure to read the reviews, recruitment praising everything.

9. Action camera

Price: 3387 rubles (50% discount).

If you like spending leisure time actively, the action camera will capture everything in the best quality. This inexpensive model is an important feature — it can shoot 1080p video at 60 frames per second.

10. DVR Xiaomi

Price: 2274 ruble (10%).

DVR is very useful for every motorist device, the purchase of which is constantly delayed. Treat yourself for the upcoming holiday quality DVR, for example, here is a model from Xiaomi. This Registrar is very stylish design, stunning image quality, including at night and convenient system of sending video to a smartphone.


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