Select gift on February 23.

How to make a gift on February 23? If you have run out of ideas, then this selection will tell. All goods are inspected and will be a great gift for the coming holiday male.

1. Sports glasses

Price: 736 rubles (discount 58%).

Cool sports glasses that will be a great gift for the man who likes Cycling. Given that the season already around the corner, the gift will be just the topic. However, points can be used, for example, driving.

2. Stylish watch

Price: 1823 ruble (discount 41%).

Stylish mens watch in classic style. The strap is made of genuine leather, which is confirmed by thousands of satisfied buyers. In addition to the impressive appearance of the watch has another feature — protection against water to a depth of 30 meters!

3. Tactical gloves

Price: 413 ruble (discount 45%).

Mens tactical gloves that are useful anywhere, even during a campaign, at least for the game of airsoft. Gloves are very durable and are available in various colors — choose and buy definitely will.

4. Multitool

Price: 600 rubles (discount 35%).

Multitool — traditionally cool and relatively inexpensive gift on February 23. This multitool is accessible, but durable stainless steel and a variety of tools that will be available for men on arm’s length.

5. Leather key holder

Price: 235 roubles (30% discount).

Key holder made of genuine leather. Quite roomy but not overly large — it is compact and will not become a burden. Great little gift on February 23 that will appreciate many men.

6. Leather belt

Price: 654 rubles (discount 49%).

If you want a proven and useful gift, you need to take the belt. Especially should look to this leather model with a classic design and reliable buckle.

7. DVR Xiaomi

Price: 2364 ruble (20% discount).

One of the best DVRs from the well-known Russian company, Xiaomi. DVR is one of the main purposes for purchase for many motorists, but purchasing is usually delayed. Because of this, this gift will be good every.

8. Smartphone holder in car

Price: 205 roubles (discount 19%).

If you want to make an inexpensive gift that will be useful, you can buy a sturdy holder for your car. Most men don’t, but almost everyone somehow thinks about how to begin to place smartphone in the car more properly.

9. Automatic exerciser

Price: from 322 rubles (40% discount).

Original automatic exerciser that helps to burn fat and build muscle.

10. Shipping from Russia! Carob coffee first

Price: 7944 ruble (discount 45%).

Coffee maker — a great gift on February 23. A perfect choice for the upcoming festival will be a model from Philips that just collapsed in price on the sale Tmall.


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