What to give on February 23?

Don’t know what to give on February 23? On AliExpress you can find many ideas for gifts, including shipping from Russia. Gathered in this collection are the best gifts on February 23 from AliExpress.

1. Shipping from Russia! Rover self

Price: 1695 rubles (30% discount).

Great and really cool all-terrain vehicle on the remote control. Modern design, really high-speed drive and huge wheels, through which the Rover will drive anywhere. A great gift, not only for the younger defenders of the Fatherland. Adult men will definitely be glad to such gift.

2. Shipping from Russia! Wireless headphones

Price: 1288 roubles (51% discount).

High-quality wireless headphones that work right in stereo mode with both iPhone and Android smartphones. Over the past few years the wireless headphones have become one of the most common gifts on any holidays, so on February 23 they fit perfectly.

3. Shipping from Russia! Quadcopter with camera

Price: 2670 rubles (discount 52%).

Large quadcopter with a massive case and a built-in camera. The main thing you need to know about this quadcopter is not a toy like most other products on AliExpress. It has a bunch of sensors to determine the position in the air, not afraid of bumps and flies up to 10 minutes without recharging.

4. Shipping from Russia! Pulse lighter

Price: 622 ruble (30% discount).

Unusual pulse lighter charged by USB. The lighter is made in a variety of modern colors, including gradient colors.

5. Winter shoes

Price: from 1865 rubles (50% discount).

Stylish men’s sneakers with insulation. Shoes look very masculine, but most importantly they are warm.

6. Multitool

Price: 2762 ruble (discount 43%).

One of the most popular multitools on AliExpress from a reputable manufacturer Roxon. The multi-tool has 16 tools that will help any man.

7. Knife keychain

Price: 530 roubles (15% discount).

Compact knife-keychain. Popular simply because a small knife can be needed anytime. Thanks a keychain and always have it at hand.

8. Medal of Champions League

Price: 332 rubles.

A very original gift for any lover of football. Full replica of the real gold medal of the Champions League. Looks amazing!

9. Model of a battleship to build

Price: 1495 rubles (discount 42%).

Model of the great battleship out of wood for gluing and Assembly. Gift is definitely not for every man, but many definitely much like it. And it is possible that the Assembly of such a beautiful ship made of wood will result in a new hobby.

10. Shipping from Russia! Game console SEGA

Price: 3949 rubles.

The itself SEGA Genesis, which dragged all the children and teenagers of the 90s. Now its improved version, with HDMI connectivity and wireless controllers can be purchased at very reasonable price. As for the games, here they are, of course, the original from childhood.


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