Telegram-canal “Economics of the digital age” has made a selection of interesting channels on digital technologies
Channel talks about sharing startups (rental housing, cars, offices, clothes, even food) and proposes to discuss the meaning of private property in our time.

About the new bill in Germany, which would deprive Apple Pay capabilities to be the only means of contactless payments on the iPhone, read on the channel Rozetked.

“Roskomnadzor and Mediacommunications Alliance that brings together major media holdings Russia plan to create a unified accounting system of the Internet audience” writes channel Code Durov.

On the Russian channel digital read about how Facebook secretly obtains footage of the iPhone — a app for iOS themselves suddenly turn on the camera.

Channel Addmeto shares the statistics: “the Application Tictoc already downloaded 1.5 billion times, of which more than 600 million this year.”

And channel Digital the Doctor can learn about the reasons for the hype around the marketplace. Company of this type have taken leading position in the market, will claim to control the entire e-Commerce market.

And finally, let’s look at the “Iron man” from Britain to the suit is fully printed on a 3D printer, which writes Forbes Russia

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