Envy — among the winners there are Russian woman!
The iPhone is not just a tool to boast and object of the investment credit, but also a tool of artistic expression! The 12th time was the iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) is the oldest annual competition (founder — Kenan Aktolun, date of creation — 2007) photographs taken guess what smartphones. (Not to be confused with the similar fotocamera, which holds Apple!)
And — that’s a coincidence! — for the 12th time today, 25 July 2019, announced the winners. Thousands of personnel from more than 140 countries fought for the Grand Prix, well, or at least for a place on the podium in one of the 18 nominations. Lucky only 19! If you are a true patriot of his country, and not cosmopolitan Terry, pay attention to second place — it was occupied by the Russian!
Grand primarially of Celano, Italy (“big sister”, Tanzania, iPhone X)

1-e melodioso Lago, Portugal (“Nautical stripes”, the beach of Santa Rita, Portugal, iPhone, SE)

2nd nestoulia Ibraeva, Russia (“Sorry, no movie today”, Rome, iPhone 7 Plus)

3-e mesting Hao, of China (“came”, the desert in Nevada, USA, Burning Man festival, iPhone X)

“Abstraction”Sanjin Nd, USA (“Blue light”, Mexico city, in the photo — a ray of sunshine and pool view, iPhone 7 Plus)

“Animals”Diogo Lage, Portugal (“Proud peacock”, Portugal, iPhone, SE)

“Architecture”Guanglong Zhang, China (“Observatory Janta manta”, India, iPhone X)

“Children”Neri Rivas, USA (“Jasper-predator” in the photo is the son of the photographer, USA, iPhone XS)

“Flowers”Liu Dan, China (“the Cactus under the blazing sun”, USA, iPhone XS Max)

“Landscape”Xu inst., Taiwan (“Petra-Wadi”, Jordan, iPhone SE)

“Life”Biao Peng, of China (“Fishing”, China, iPhone 6s)

“Nature”Hui Juan Wang, Taiwan (“Belly”, Iceland, iPhone 6)

“News, events”Lanu Lew, China (“Fire dragon”, China, iPhone 6S)

“Panorama”, Vincent Chen, China (“the Mountain Segla at dawn”, Norway, iPhone X)

“People”Wei Xiong, China (no name, China, iPhone X)

“Portrait”Mona Juman, Bahrain (“Future hunter eagles”, Mongolia, the iPhone 7 Plus)

“Still life”CLARITA firi of Bayerdorffer, Germany (“In the wind”, Germany, iPhone SE)

“Sunset”Srikumar of Crisman, India (“Pierced the sky”, India, iPhone 6S)

“The journey,”Liu Bo, China (“Lonely boat”, Vietnam, iPhone 8 Plus)

“The trees”Christian Hellwig, Germany (“Shadows on snow”, the island of rügen, Baltic sea, Germany, the iPhone 6S)

“Sequence”Carol Allen Story, the United Kingdom (“Young survivors”, Uganda, iPhone 8)

The “casual”Sari Sutton, Australia (“Painted house”, South Korea iPhone X)

By the way, the call for entries for the 13th IPPAWARDS is opened. Go for it, if you are so daring! Here is the link.

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