If you still think that smartphones with a giant screen a lot, open online shopping and refresh my memory — half Huawei (one official, which already almost anywhere do not sell, the second one anyhow adapted to Russia illegally imported Chinese) and one is Xiaomi, which outside of Moscow is already too easily and not buy. It is amazing that the most modern and coolest smartphone with a large screen made Samsung lazy, lazier which is the development of cellphones to look for more (find 10 differences Galaxy S7 edge from Galaxy from Galaxy S8 and S9). Yes, and made this phone frameless, record compact and with an unusual camera! It is necessary to take?

Let’s start with the fact that smartphones, which do you think the screen is big, in fact, not so the giants. For example, popular with workers Samsung Galaxy A20 6.4 inch screen. A lot? But with the current bermocoll it in size even slightly smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus with 5.5 inches. Something I don’t recall complaints that IPhones plus version is incredibly huge.

In General, the years go by, and the “beauty standards” remain unchanged. Just before the screens were smaller in height but wider and with the framework. Therefore, a compact smartphone was considered a model with a diagonal of 5-5.2″, medium are 5.5″ and the standard big smartphones, but not yet “shovel” has always been Samsung with their Galaxy Note 5.7 inches (Galaxy Note 3, Note 4, Note 5, Note 7 and imitators).

Now, nothing has changed. Just in dimensions 5.1-5.3-inch smartphones like the models with the 5.7-5.8 inches (Samsung Galaxy S10e with 5.8 inch single in single in size to the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is 5.1 inches). Medium-sized smartphones — is now the model 6.2-6.4 inches in the dimensions of your old smartphone with 5.5″. A “spade” is now cell phones, with 6.7 inches more. Sounds scary, but our 6.7-inch Samsung Galaxy A80 in fact more compact than the classic ultimatum Lopatina — Xiaomi Mi Max the first generation. With that in Saami only a 6.4 inch screen. Here’s to you, grandma, and St. George’s day.

Appearance and ergonomics

On the official photos Galaxy A80 terrible as life in a Russian pension, and similar to the outdated model of LG refrigerator. And still do not know who is prettier.

But live is not so bad. First, bermocoll really impressive smartphones with so radically stretched to the edges of the screen, today not so much, and almost all of them Chinese (Reno OPPO, Xiaomi Mi 9T, etc.). Sony pulls the screens sausage, removes the bottom frame, but leaves the top. LG lives in 2017, when it was fashionable to steal the iPhone design X with its wide “bangs”. Apple in General is not strained — guys sniffing white powder and squander millions about the fate of iPhones don’t care. So…

Live much more beautiful than the photo

Most Galaxy A80 live like a futuristic tablet — though now in a series about the near future. And, preferably, immediately give the actors a lot of copies, because the smartphone is slippery and heavy — heavy inadequately. Because of 220 grams is the weight of the Chinese smartphone with a 7000 mAh battery. Or Bank with sprats. You’re at the store compare in weight to the Bank with sprats with your smartphone, and you will understand that for a mobile phone with a pathetic 3700 mAh, no stereo speakers and water protection (namely, this Galaxy A80) is too.

Front smartphone cool. I am glad that samsungusa not become once again to sculpt slicked to the sides of the display, and took it and wrapped it with a flat frame around the perimeter. When polished to a gloss frame copper color shimmers under the sunlight, it looks very cool!

In General, it is felt that with the Galaxy A80 Korean designers have unleashed — this is a rare case when the smartphone is spit on all the principles of Samsung, which the company still liked to brag. 3.5 mm headphone Jack? Is not it! The memory card slot? Also no! Wireless charging? Cost! Waterproof either. It’s definitely a Samsung, not Honor, who was dressed in a different body?

No memory cards will to live can be, because the 128 GB memory will be enough for most users (feel bill gates, and the water resistance Samsung representatives say that bet on it didn’t work — during Galaxy A 2017 waterfowl was even Galaxy A3. But the use of it was not — very few people bought smartphones because of water protection (most buyers didn’t even know that smartphones waterproof), but the repair of such devices has been difficult due to the fact that it was necessary to preserve the integrity. And indeed, other things being equal, the Koreans believe that it is better to invest in a camera or processory than water resistance.

The most expensive smartphone made of plastic!

You’ll laugh, but the Galaxy A80 — plastic is the most expensive smartphone in history, if you count in rubles. In dollars old plastic flagships cost is not less, but the plastic 45 thousand roubles have not offered one. However, the maximum glossy plastic similar to glass and thoroughbred in appearance. And the frame + all the frills of cameras, etc. of metal But the fact that…

Selfie camera is here absent. Instead of it turning the rear camera. Should go to the Camera app, and activate the shooting mode to selfie, how starts working the controls, leaves the upper part of the back cover and flipped the camera. It then automatically retracts.

However, if the phone is lying on the back, then slide she can’t — and smartphone issues a warning.

That is, it is important to note a few things. First: Galaxy A80 — not a slider. Extends only to the upper part of the back of the case. The second works all automatically, manually, put the camera impossible. The third mechanism is triggered quite quickly — faster than Asus Zenfone 6, but slower than the nomination of selfie cameras in Xiaomi Mi 9T.

As can be seen, the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy A80 is also no no — its built into the screen. And I must say that it turned out so — so- it works slowly, works often with God knows what times. Still the best scanner in the screen I tested it — oddly enough, in Oppo Reno Z.

Two slots for nano-SIM strange. That no memory card is still okay, but the fact that the slot is perfectly symmetrical, and it is not at all clear which side to push it back — it is somehow annoying. Yeah, he slots signed — which side “looks” on the screen (TOP), some on the back (BTM), but if you put the SIM card — they are just the lettering and will close. Moreover, the SIM card will contacts out. Well at least the other side of the slot to put it is impossible, and that would be the risk to break the contacts and latches inside.

Screen and interface

Oh, the screen is pretty big really great — 6.7 inches. Now smartphones with such a large screen, consider, is not there. Recent models of Lopatino, Honor 8X Max Max and Xiaomi Mi 3, both have all the bad with the prevalence and no prospects.

Honor 8X Max almost disappeared from the market and left it, except that in M. Video and DNS, and even then not in all regions. And then it will be worse, because 8X Max based on “just” Honor 8X, and it is already removed from the conveyor and has produced Honor 9X. Without Max version.

Xiaomi Mi 3 Max in Russia never officially sold, but in small shops it is still available. However, it is also older model, the essence of stretched Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, and its replacement will not be — Saomi said it’s official. Of solid (and not turned from state employees) smartphones with a large screen were only Huawei Mate 20X and Honor Note 10, but all this exotic Aliexpress, flashed via “remote places” Google services and dubious prospects of Android updates.

6.7 inch display today is a rare sight. And Galaxy A80 the highest quality display among all Lopatino

Now you realize how unique Samsung Galaxy A80 and the screen?

While the screen itself is very good — the level of brightness in manual mode it is even better than AMOLED in a pricey Samsung Galaxy S10+. And among smartphones with a diagonal of 6.7 inches or more is the best smartphone screen.

But there are also disadvantages. As usual with Samsung, it is better to disable the “Protection against accidental touch” in “Settings -> Display”. Here, as in other modern Galaxy, it works somehow on the contrary — it is about clicks more than Vice versa.

Cool color rendition, in General, the screen no complaints, and even the presence HDR10 — a nice bonus. Although I personally like the colors on the Samsung displays don’t like, but it’s an improvement. Characteristics, again, excellent.

The smartphone runs on Android 9 with One UI interface 1.1. Standard icon sizes and fonts is prohibitively large, though the smartphone did for half-blind grandmothers. But everything is really long and tedious.

Even a cheap Samsung (Galaxy A50, for example) sound better “Chinese”, and here it is the Korean themselves, the gods sent me. Indeed, Galaxy A80 headphones gives clean and balanced sound — not like this to audiophiles said “wow!”, but to make any claims desire is not there — Xiaomi Mi 9 headphones sounds worse, not to mention HaVaYaH that, historically, the bear on an ear came (tablet MediaPad M3 was a happy exception).

Just frustrating that normal sound on the wire you just don’t get: you need an adapter with a USB Type-C at 3.5 mm In the kit it is not (only have a lousy headphone connector USB-C) and adapters from China smartphones (Huawei P20 Pro, for example) Samsung refuses to see.

The speaker is good. No, he’s much worse that could produce a masterpiece in audiocast LG G7, and even ideologically close to the ASUS ZenFone 6 does not hold. But Huawei P30 Pro plays about the same, and Nokia 9 PureView too, if it comes to that. Radically steeper only play smartphones with stereo speakers — Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10, Sony Xperia 1, etc. But it already other price category (and discontinued P20 Pro try to find in new condition).

Performance and autonomy

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 730 is not “the” chic by the standards of modern smartphones. With an eye on the price of the Galaxy A80, it looks skuperdyaystve — in “simple” smartphone can get the same speed in the smartphone, which is 20 thousand rubles cheaper — Xiaomi Mi 9T, for example. While it and the AMOLED display is not much less, and bermocoll will be the same.

On the other hand, to choose a smartphone on CPU power so stupid as to choose a car only with an eye on acceleration 0-100 km/h If not to be a perfectionist and to accept that Qualcomm 700-series has adequate power and is more economical than Vasiliadi will arrive you happiness.

Because in a huge enclosure CPU-Vice-flagship is almost not heated, gaming power on the screen with Full HD resolution+ is enough for all, shell tossing and turning at normal speed. With good she is tossing and turning just for the Galaxy S10, and even then not always (thanks Krivorukov programmers Samsung, for our happy childhood and the need to get custom firmware to smartphone stopped to hang out for no reason).

Processor in Xiaomi for 26 thousand. And 20 thousand extra for that “well it’s a Samsung!”

Autonomy is also quite typical for such capacity battery (3700 mAh), except that I can not mention the tendency to reduce working time in read mode, but zoom in on live view and especially video games.

It once again reminds about the features of OLED displays (saving power in games and movies due to the screen off when displaying black), now used in smartphones almost everywhere.


Camera Samsung has long been pretty decent, but when we’re not talking about flagship can be nuances. And then they also have. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to predict the outcome — even if you look at the image on the screen of the smartphone is not yet clear how it will look on the monitor or TV. Because the screen of the smartphone, if not translate it to display realistic colors, and leave the standard bright muddles the picture totally. And you think that photo is a masterpiece, but sent friends, and they tell you that the picture stinks.

The most common problem is blurry. Whether because of focus, whether due to blur (inappropriate selection of exposure).

Camera is good, but sometimes live my life

Modules two conventional wide-angle and super-wide-angle with barrel distortion. Optical (no loss of quality) no zoom but can be zoomed in / out on a normal module is still good.

There is also another pure interface extension problem which I meet in all the Galaxy, 2019. Quite often if you press the shutter button in the camera interface, instead of having to take a picture, the app switches to the zoom. The zoom does not occur, but there is a strip of zoom.

This is extremely annoying, you have to intercept the device and try again. Moreover, to exit the zoom somehow, with one click also does not work. Very often the problem occurs when shooting in landscape (horizontal) position of a mobile phone.

On earth there is nothing surprising, after all, private selfie-camera is not here — instead you will have to remove the main. But unlike normal shooting, here for three settings of the angle — narrow angle, wide (standard) and super-wide. Additional here is a narrow angle, something like a small digital zoom or crop from the main unit. Here, the picture geometry is more close to the portrait.

Shooting quality video is very cool!

A certain element of luck is present when shooting selfies (cameras is the same and similarly blunt). Some pictures (even in non-ideal conditions) work fine, others are downright bad.

With video, however, all is well. At least a day. Smartphone good shoots in Full-HD/60fps and 4K/30fps, but in the latter case, clearly the necessary stabilizer.

At night, the situation is aggravated by “walking” the focus here in FHD/60 is better not to remove (there are more due to short exposure are too dark, it turns out). But in 4K/30 the picture looks good.


Asus Zenfone 6
Like the Galaxy A80, the Zenfone 6 selfie-camera is overturned camera. Except, the twist here is slower and even stop half-way like, to remove secretly. Photographs ZenFone slightly better speaker Handsfree it is also more cool headphones with a Samsung parity — Galaxy A80 for those who love to play just fine, ASUS allows to dig deeper and customize the sound more precisely. But you can’t make a good sound right away — to be picked exactly what I have to.

Also Zenfone 6, with a similar price at a much faster and better autonomy, although the IPS screen, so it looks not so impressive, but flickers less (for people with sensitive eyesight it is important).

However, the top model Zenfone 6 with memory 8/256 GB will not find, and the version 6/128 GB worth 40 thousand rubles — that is, cheaper. And it is more compact.

Xiaomi Mi 9T
Another option with custom selfie camera — the recently released Xiaomi Mi 9T. He also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 as Galaxy A80, but the selfie camera is still present — it is hidden in the housing and extends automatically. This happens much faster than the Galaxy A80. The main camera is almost the same as the Samsung, but the quality of the shooting videos is much lower.

The fingerprint scanner in the screen works just as bad as Samsung. But the price of 20 thousand rubles lower, and the smartphone itself — smaller and lighter.


Samsung Galaxy A80 is in itself a quite controversial model. Its official price is almost equal to the “gray” Galaxy S10e, which offers a more cool display, stereo speakers, water resistance, wireless charging, better camera and more powerful processor and better battery life. And we Ferra.ru consider one of the best smartphones of 2019 at all.

It seems that work on the A80 ended at the stage of “show off” — the camera sometimes behave strangely, if the firmware is not final, the shell runs at an average speed, not “flies”, although in the spring, when released the Galaxy S10, it was time to have it polished. Again — obviously a bad fingerprint scanner. And not because of the screen, but because it does not work.

Not the best phone but the best smartphone with a large screen among sold in Russia

Samsungusa in response to all the accusations saying “not for you, my rose has bloomed — it’s a smartphone for young people, bloggers and videocameras leading an active lifestyle!”. Sounds like marketing nonsense: first, young people do not roll 46 thousand for the purchase of some dull smartphone. Youth, which is big on smartphones and understands the characteristics, buy yourself or Xiaomi Mi 9T 20 thousand less, or Samsung Galaxy S10e, which is the same price better. And those who do not understand… add a little and buy yourself a iPhone X. For the same reasons, for which young people get “tired” BMW is a new and more reliable Toyotas.

And yet that is no reason to “bury” Galaxy A80 on the vine. You just need to understand that, contrary to the noodles marketers, it’s not a smartphone for hipsters, but just the latest hi Samsung truly major “optional”. As I said, in the Russian market there is nothing with the same great screen and family characteristics — Honor 8X Max and the Xiaomi Mi 3 is already a bit old and initially worse performance, quality of screen, quality cameras. Note 10 Honor and Huawei Mate 20X — aliexpress smartphones-adventure, and in the case of Mate 20X adventure meaningless (smartphone will not fit into the customs limit of € 500 and you will be taken on extra duties when ordering from China).

All in all we have the best modern smartphone with a really large screen, but overpriced. So wait, when prices will fall to an adequate level (at least 35 thousand rubles), and then if the 6.7 inch display you are not deterred, and not happy, be a perfect candidate for purchase.

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