Turned out pretty good.

Enthusiast has created the world’s first iPhone 7 with wireless charging. The function, which lacks many users have added to the device Scotty Allen. In the past blogger from scratch were collected from Chinese iPhone parts and turned a broken memory chip of a smartphone to a flash drive.

It all started with an idea to equip the old iPhone wireless charging. Twitter for Allen came a man selling parts for smartphones. He stated that he has a ready-made kit of parts to add wireless charging to iPhone 7. The blogger met him, bought the right components, and then purchased from another person restored the iPhone 7.

Components of the wireless charging of the iPhone 7. Source: Strange Parts

First, Allen had to disassemble the smartphone and install the components into a new case with mounts for the coils and other parts for wireless charging. A new case was needed, because the original rear panel is made of aluminum and is not suitable for wireless charging.

Components of the wireless charging of the iPhone 7. Source: Strange Parts

Charging work immediately. First, Allen has installed all components, but did not secure them inside the case. It took a little bit of glue and the iPhone started charging. When the blogger fully assembled device, wireless charging has again stopped working. Turns out he damaged the ribbon cable that had to be replaced by a new one.

The whole process of creating iPhone 7 with wireless charging and other interesting video you can watch on channel Scotty Allen on YouTube. A kit to add to a smartphone new features are worth $ 70, but the blogger advises not to disassemble the iPhone for inexperienced users and those who have only one device.

Source: Cult of Mac


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