One of the key features of the iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro 11 Pro Max is the main camera. According to some journalists, in the capable hands of the new Apple smartphones can shoot really high quality photos. However, the author of the YouTube channel iJustine decided to find out how really improved the camera in the new iPhone. To do this, she took a few pictures on iPhone 2G and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Recall that the original Apple smartphone, which was released in 2007, was equipped with a very basic primary camera of only 2 MP. While the iPhone 2G was not flash and autofocus. Even at the time these figures were quite modest.

iPhone 11 Pro Max, in turn, shall be equipped with one of the best basic cameras on the market. It consists of three modules with wide-angle, super wide and telephoto lens. In addition, the cupertinos have devoted considerable attention to the software, which even more expands the photo and video capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro.

However, judging by the video, the iPhone 2G as a whole proved to be not as bad as you would expect. In the daytime you can get good shots. Although the colour reproduction and quality, they still lag far behind the photos taken on your iPhone 11 Pro Max. But this is not surprising – the machines shares 12 years of progress.


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