Return the item at the clothes shop just — by law, the buyer has 14 days old. This rule applies to buying in offline and online venues. Often online we buy not only things, but also applications on their smartphones. Buying can be random or inadequate quality. What to do? Moscow 24 will tell you whether you can recover money for purchased by mistake, and disabled the app and how to do it.

Shoot without warning in the Morning, Mary received a notice from one of the banks: “Purchase 3750 rubles. ITUNES”. In the message it was stated last night. This caused the girl puzzled: “I wonder why today the message is about the operation that was yesterday?” she thought.

Maria started to remember all purchase applications for the month. The latter was the app that records phone conversations. “It was written that this is a trial version, which has a free period of two days, and then automatically subscribed for a year, Maria said Moscow 24. Usually I receive a message that the trial period expires, but this time nothing came. Of course, I forgot about that.” Two days of the trial period the girl has not used the service even once, and after I learned that he paid a round sum, I decided to test. Maria, following the instructions, made a test call to a friend. When the conversation was over, it turned out that it wasn’t recorded: the app didn’t work. Contacting technical support the result is not given. They said that the problem is better to contact the developer of the application.

Random subscription and new friends Natalia downloaded the app for networking, which communicate with expats (employees who come from abroad to work in domestic companies). Regularly appear in the application, announcements of interesting events that you can visit to get useful contacts.

“I paid for this. For the use need to pay a certain amount per year. I paid about six thousand. Just then, he worked in a field related to international contacts, and therefore costs considered justified”, — says Natalia.

A year has passed, the use of the application has become irrelevant: the girl stopped to use it and attend events. But it turned out that when the first payment was automatically put a check mark next to the item on which to write a decent amount every year. Natalia wrote in support, but this did not bring her the desired result. She replied that the agreement was signed, and the money return is impossible. But the girl explained how to cancel the subscription. If so, she thought, you’ll have to use another year. “I started to chat in the app, go to events, meet people, make new friends. Even glad that it happened. But I will continue to closely watch for their purchases. And the fear is something to download,” says Natalia. The principles of return In the case of buying apps in the AppleStore and Google Play, there are General rules of return. About them 24 Moscow said the Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev. He explains that there are two options for purchase in online stores: buy a license to use and purchase the service as a service. “It’s a different interaction options terms of buyer’s rights and obtaining services. If the rendered service is of inadequate quality, to return the money in the intervening period, on the other hand, if you buy the right to use, the money is not returned, ” he said.

In his opinion, the problem is not the platforms that sell apps, and the level of information of education of the people. “The question still remains open as to make the process of buying and selling applications, transparent, to understand how, what and why you pay. This is the problem of information education companies. Buy, not look, then the claims”, — said Marinichev.

The expert recommends that in case of problems in the first place to contact support, and only then, if there is not can help, write to the developer. Fit advised to be attentive to your purchases: keep track of how long is the trial period, what amount of money will be written off after. If you feel that the service is not needed, it is better to refuse immediately, before I forget, otherwise SMS notification about the cancellation of a round sum is unlikely to give positive emotions. Do not expect that the application will warn about the end of the trial period, as many warned in advance that on its expiry, will be charged a certain amount. The Apple of discord the application Developer Denis Peshekhonov said that the principle of a refund in the AppStore and in Google Play about the same. “And in the AppStore and in Google Play there is a button “refund” (a refund. — approx. Moscow 24), but it works for a limited time. Usually within a day or two after purchase you can return,” explains Peshekhonov. Google the refund is automatic, and at Apple’s request in their support. But even in this ointment is the fly in the ointment. For example, to return the money does not work, if from the moment of purchase has passed more than 48 hours. And to abuse the procedure is not necessary, because after a couple of returns decision not in favor of the client. And the faster will be issued a return request from the date of purchase, the more chances of a successful outcome. So the company will understand that people do not have time to use the service or application. If you could motivate his claim that the game or application just don’t like it, then money will not be paid back. Play or not play In the case of Google Play, things are easier, but there are nuances. The procedure depends on how much time has passed since the date of payment. Within 15 minutes after purchase, you can return the money automatically — that is the time given to the client to test the application. If the program does not fit, you can use the reset function in Appendix Play Market. To do this, select the menu section “My applications”, find the desired program and click “Return payment”.

After that, the program will delete from your phone or tablet and charged the money back on the card or e-account. Note that this option is available for each application, but it can be used once. If you then try to buy the program, which has already returned the money, the function will be blocked, and to restore it will not work. If the money deducted for the purchase that you are committed, you can report it to Google Play within 120 days after the transaction.

If after the payment went from 15 minutes to 48 hours, the same opportunities as in the first embodiment, no. But this does not mean that money can not return. It is possible, but this will take into account the type of purchase. Thus, the number of products that can get the money back, do not get a program that user can test before buying. If “cause” has expired a limitation period is 48 hours — do not despair. “Most likely, the money is sent to the developer only when the user is already “supported” the app for two days. Or even much later, weeks after the purchase,” explains Denis.

Will have to contact the developer directly. In Google Play there is a section “more information” that lists the email address of the developer. The letter must describe in detail the reason of refusal. It is best to make the text in Russian and English languages. Developers may be denied if the application works smoothly, and the buyer’s rights are not infringed upon, so be persuasive in enumerating the reasons for the return. Here, as in the case of the disease: better to prevent than to cure. Therefore, the main advice — be careful before buying, read the terms and conditions of the subscription and read the reviews about the app.

Ilona Soboleva

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