Has been repeatedly proven that modern flagship smartphone for photo quality can compete with some full-fledged cameras. Especially if to remove on a mobile device will be a professional photographer. However, photographer Josh Rossi sure that iPhone 11 Pro could compete with advanced cameras. Especially for this, he compared the new iPhone with Fujifilm GFX 100, cost about $ 13,000.

According to Rossi, the new Apple smartphone with triple main camera in certain conditions can shoot no worse than advanced cameras. However, this will still have to try, and in some cases even use graphics editor for the final revision of the iPhone.

It should be noted that a full test Rossi can not be named. Photographer to do a couple of shots, and in both cases he has modified the photo in Photoshop. While the treatment has been as shots with iPhone and Fujifilm GFX 100. However, judging by the video, manipulate photos on iPhone 11 Pro was held a few more.

Some photographers and bloggers, almost every year compare fotosmoralo new Apple smartphones with expensive cameras, and in most cases they note that in certain conditions, the iPhone really take off very well. However, while fully replace expensive camera Apple smartphones are still not capable of.


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