Moscow, March 11 — “News. Economy”Candidate in US presidents from Democratic party, Elizabeth Warren promised to separate into pieces large technology companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. Went Apple — Senator calls to radically change the business model the App Store.

The Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren gathered to run for the U.S. presidency in 2020, intends to lobby for the adoption of a law that will push Apple to change the current business model. In particular, the main claim a Warren for the App Store. In her opinion, the company has the right to engage in maintenance of the corporate application store, and at the same time to place ON their own development, because it thereby violates the rights of third-party developers.

“If you run the distribution platform, accessible by third-party developers, you have no right to place their programs, because in this case you have two undeniable advantages. First, you get information about how third party sellers conduct their trade, and can use it. And, secondly, there is a high probability that consumers will prefer your product as the owner of the platform,” says Warren.

Elizabeth Warren has also proposed to introduce anti-monopoly legislation the concept of “platforms for General use”. This will include companies with annual revenue of over $25 billion offering for General use on the Internet marketplaces, or exchanges of a platform for communication between the parties — thus, the definition of get and Amazon, and Facebook, and Google.

The Senator gave an example when in 90-ies in the technology market of the USA was dominated by company Mircosoft. A range of Antimonopoly measures taken by the government, helped to gain a foothold in the market of new companies, such as Google and Facebook. She noted that now these companies got too large market share, which provides them with full control over this sector of the economy.

“Almost half of all e-Commerce goes through Amazon. More than 70% of all Internet traffic passes through sites that are owned by Google or Facebook. These companies use their own resources to suppress small business and also for the substitution of the interests of the American people of their financial interests,” added the Senator.

It is necessary to prevent technological mergers, which the Senator considers anti-competitive. The politician claims that these mergers and acquisitions caused damage to the competition.

If such a law is adopted, for example, the Amazon Basics brand need to be detached from the Amazon Marketplace, and Google’s advertising network from search engines. In addition, Warren proposes to repeal many anti-competitive mergers of technology companies, including the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram company Facebook, Waze, Nest and DoubleClick — Google, Whole Foods and Zappos by Amazon.

Elizabeth Warren believes that such reforms will not impact globally on the Internet small business will have a chance to compete with Google, Facebook or Amazon, all of which will also provide services to users.

In addition, the policy intends to solve some other problems related to the field of high technologies. For example, it plans to give users more control over private information that hits the Internet. Warren has also advocated for authors to generate content — in her opinion, platforms like Google and Facebook take the lion’s share of the profits.

“In order to restore the balance of power in our democracy, promote competition and be confident that technological innovation next generation will be not less bright than in the past, it is necessary to destroy our largest technological companies”, — said the candidate.

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