Despite the end of the year, Apple received another lawsuit. This time it was filed by the teacher Medical school at new York University Dr. Joseph Wiesel. He believes that Apple violates its patent, which describes a method of detecting atrial fibrillation.

In the patent Dr. Wiesel describes technology of use of photoplethysmography to measure the frequency of the heartbeat. In a similar way, Apple’s smartwatch will help users to identify atrial fibrillation.

According to Joseph Wiesel, he told Apple about his patent in 2017. That’s when he contacted the company the first time. However, the constructive dialogue the parties did not work, so he decided to go to court.

Lecturer Medical school at new York University expects to achieve a ban on the use of Apple Watch of his inventions, and also to obtain monetary compensation. The size of the latter is not specified.


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