The manufacturer covers and other accessories for IPhones, the company Olixar has posted renders of cases for the upcoming iPhone 11 Max. The images were shown, and the smartphone itself, which was very interesting features.

If you look to the render, we can see that the new flagship Apple iPhone 11 Max will get triple camera module, which will be a square and just gigantic. However, this is not a novelty — much more interesting to look at the mute switch. Years on the IPhone, he was moving left-right, and will now move up and down that many seem terribly unusual. But most importantly is the Lightning connector, which is no longer here. It was replaced by USB-C as on Android smartphones and tablets are the iPad Pro, so progress is finally reached and IPhones. Of course, it is not the fact that the information will not be phony, but there is a chance that the iPhone 11 Max will get all of these innovations. iPhone 11 Max, like other IPhones 2019, will be released in September, but its price and specifications yet classified.

Of course, after their release in the sale of numerous utility covers, chargers, screen protectors and much more. To buy all these accessories for phones wholesale in online store The catalog of products includes power cables, chargers (both network and wireless), external batteries, selfie sticks and more. There are even wired and wireless headphone (for music lovers, extroverts have a wide selection of Bluetooth speakers) and a bunch of accessories to use gadgets in car charger in the cigarette lighter socket, mounts on the dashboard, etc. All this is offered for both smartphones and tablet computers, and there is a separate catalogue of accessories for the Apple Watch, the most popular wearable device in the world.

Search by range it is possible to carry out even the name of the manufacturer of your gadget — have utility for Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, Nokia and other. Again, you can search by manufacturer of accessories, if there are certain preferences. Payment, including Bank and credit cards, the Commission will not be charged. You can also negotiate a delay in payment if arises necessity.

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