It is not only in compactness.

iPhone SE — latest compact smartphone Apple, which is likely to remain so if at the presentation on March 25 , the company suddenly do not submit iPhone SE 2. 4-inch iPhone SE worldwide by millions of people, many of them even having the opportunity to buy a new iPhone, don’t want to change their compact. Today iPhone owners SE said, what are the main reasons they like to use this smartphone.

IPhone users SE from different countries discussed the benefits of a smartphone on the popular online Reddit. The discussion was attended by hundreds of iPhone owners SE, which is called the key reasons why they do not want to change their smartphones for a new one. Gathered the most frequently mentioned reasons.

1. Compact

Of course, the main advantage of SE iPhone, almost all smartphone users called compactness. People like that the smartphone can be operated with one hand, he does not take up much space in pockets or bag, it does not need to allocate a separate place on the table, etc. Compact iPhone SE noted on the positive side, almost all the participants in the discussion. Little interest in smartphones among consumers has definitely left a “spade” not everyone likes.

2. Price

In discussing the advantages of iPhone SE users participated from various countries, including the United States. And even iPhone SE from the US, where iPhones are the most accessible, said price to latest 4-inch iPhone was one of the decisive factors. That’s one of the reviews:

“Yes, technology is rapidly evolving, but I don’t need a computer with machine learning and other abstruse things in his pocket. I don’t play games. I just need to call, send messages, and occasionally taking pictures. With all this iPhone SE copes perfectly, but it is extremely pleasing price.”

3. Design

And finally, the third most popular reason for the choice in favor of the iPhone SE is the external appearance of the smartphone. iPhone SE is a design classic iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. After these Apple seriously upgraded the design of the iPhone, abandoning the straight edges. Many do not like it, therefore the design of the iPhone SE and is one of the best smartphones of Apple.

Let’s hope that Apple will listen to the feedback of a huge number of users and still release a iPhone 2 SE in the future. There is a small but still a chance that the announcement of the smartphone will happen at the presentation on March 25.

What iPhone SE like for you personally?


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