Often in media you see the news about the damage of a device due to the ignition of the battery. People in the USA and is suing Apple because the iPad exploded that caused a fire in the apartment. Roskoshestvo, concerned about the problem, decided to tell me what is the cause of such incidents, and how they can be avoided.

The explosion, according to experts, occur for three reasons: manufacturing defects, overheating and aging of the device. At the same time, if you follow the rules of operation and recommendations of the fire on the last two reasons can be avoided.

Roskoshestvo said that all modern devices work on one type of energy source — rechargeable Li-ion battery. Sudden changes in temperature can lead to swelling and leaking of the battery, and damage or impact, in turn, to excessive heating of the battery. Therefore, all owners of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices must be perceived the following recommendations:

to use proprietary chargers or certified by the manufacturer;

do not leave the device under direct sunlight or under a pillow, to prevent its overheating;

do not run during charging of power-consuming games and “heavy” for the gadget process. It can also cause overheating;

do not use the device while it is active recreation, not to drop it;

not to wear the gadget in your back pocket;

do not use devices with already swollen batteries.

If the device is still lit, then you need to pull the plug its charger (if connected), and it is better to de-energize the entire room, then throw the gadget in the water or cover it with something that does not burn. If the reaction has not stopped, it is necessary to throw the device in place, the explosion of which will not cause severe damage.

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