It’s pretty predictable.

The confrontation between the owners of smartphones based on Android and iOS and does not think to stop. Fans praise their devices and sharply criticize the decisions of a competitor. In this regard, the publication PCmag decided to find out what pushes the transition from one platform to another.

In the large-scale survey found that users are more likely to change their Android smartphones to the iPhone than Vice versa. Of the 2,500 respondents from Android to iOS has moved 18% of users. In reverse order “migrated” only 11% of respondents. Almost half of respondents (47%) said that they changed their Android phones for iPhone for the best user experience provided by smartphones by Apple. Among the great advantages of iPhone respondents identified its design, camera and the ability to quickly obtain the latest updates.

In the “green” camp iPhone owners move less readily. Only 30% of respondents said that they have changed their iPhone to an Android smart phone because no matter “usability”. The transition is often associated with a wider variety of apps on Android than on iOS 6% vs 4%.

It is worth noting that price is an important determining factor for migration from iOS to Android. 29% of the defectors think that iPhone are set too high prices. The same reason was voiced only 11% of owners of smartphones based on Android. The only point at which Android smartphones have suddenly bypassed the iPhone — best customer service (6% vs 3%).

Source: 9to5mac


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