Apple does not apply to monopolists. This was stated by its CEO Tim cook.

Apple, as noted by its CEO, who does not have a dominant position in any market, the share of smartphone sales in the United States is not more than 35% of the total, and computers — even less, reports CBS.

According to Tim cook, there is no person who would have called for the prosecution of Apple’s monopoly is fair.

Wrote previously the Federal trade Commission and the U.S. justice Department consider the possibility of joint inspections of several companies for possible violations of antitrust laws. Apple and Google will check the DOJ, Amazon and Facebook — the Commission.

In may, the U.S. Supreme court endorsed the further consideration of the claim of the iPad App Store for Apple, rejecting the objections of the company. According to the plaintiffs, the company violated antitrust laws that has captured the market of mobile applications. This has led to higher prices on them.

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