As soon as the public appeared information about the termination of Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive, the stock market immediately reacted to this news. As a result, on the Nasdaq shares of Apple declined and fell, the total capitalization of the company. On Friday 27 June on the Nasdaq at the close of trading, Apple shares were down 1.5%. As a result, fell the total capitalization of the company at $ 9 billion. You can also see a downward trend in assets of the brand, because the picture of the fall of stock prices was observed on June 28. As reported by the Jonathan Ive leaving the company, he plans in late 2019, the statement he made on Thursday, June 27. After leaving Apple, he will start his own business, founding designer for this company, whose name LoveFrom. According to Quince, the start of his business is scheduled for 2020. As chief designer of Apple Jonathan Ive started working in 1992, he well knew Steve jobs was his close associate.

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