The Ministry of industry and information technology of the PRC demanded from manufacturers to hold check-out of electric vehicles, writes Bloomberg, citing an official statement. It is, in particular, on those machines that have been sold — primarily used as a taxi. The company will need to check for safety of batteries, cables and charger. The results of the inspection, the government of China requires to prepare for the end of October.

14 Jun flagship sports car of the Chinese company NIO lit up in the center of Wuhan city, says Quartz, citing a local newspaper Chutian Metropolis Daily. One of the witnesses of the incident told the newspaper that under the wheels of the machine started up black smoke. Firefighters noted that while fighting inside the car, an explosion occurred. Earlier, at the end of April, NIO parked car caught fire during repairs in XI’an, recalls Quartz. In may left the garage the car is the same brand suddenly began to smoke in Shanghai.

NIO supports the official investigation of the spontaneous combustion produced by the car company, told Bloomberg the Vice-President Izzy Zhu. Information about the cause of the explosion at the conclusion of the investigation will be made public, he added.

In social networks there was video of the explosion Tesla in the Parking lot in Shanghai. Company Mask launched an investigation

Problems in China arose and the American company Tesla. April 21 at the Chinese social network Weibo was published a video in which is parked a Tesla Model S suddenly starts to smoke, and after a few seconds explodes. The hashtag #teslaselfignites (“spontaneous combustion Tesla”) that day has become one of the most popular Chinese social networks. The next morning, it had collected about 18 million views.

“We immediately sent the team and help the local authorities to establish the facts. As far as we know at the moment, nobody suffered”, — reported in the Tesla. The company also said that Tesla likely to catch fire 10 times less than that of cars running on gasoline. However, it is not noted whether the statistics of accidents.

14 may in Hong Kong caught fire another Tesla, wrote Agency Reuters, citing local newspaper Apple Daily. The publication did not specify the cause of the fire, but said that it took firefighters 45 minutes to extinguish the electric car.

In 2018, in China, there have been at least 40 cases of ignition of electric vehicles, writes Bloomberg, citing Chinese Government regulation of the market. Over the past year the Agency has recalled 130,000 cars.

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