For anybody not a secret that China is extremely strict censorship. It limits full-scale operations of many foreign companies and services, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. But Chinese censorship has also touched the world of video games and many brands.

The number of companies that were forced to apologize to China at different times were seen ASICS, Calvin Klein, Coach, Fresh, Givenchy, Pocari Sweat, Valentino, Versace and Swarovski. All these companies had to apologize to the government of China because of different things, most often associated with Taiwan.

China demanded an apology from Zara and company had the temerity to post on his site all the same Taiwan as a separate state. In a similar way and Audi was forced to apologize for the lack of Taiwan on the map of China.

What about tech giants, the most “got” Apple — enough that the company just recently was forced to uninstall the application, showing the location of police officers in Hong Kong from the AppStore, so she removed the Emoji and the flag of Taiwan in iOS 13.1 for residents of Hong Kong and Macau. Blizzard, in turn, was forced to ban the player for supporting the protests in Hong Kong, and Google has removed from the virtual shelves Play Market game about the protests in Hong Kong.

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