But trump is unlikely to listen.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of China commented on the sensational message that the President of the United States Donald trump is “under the hood” of intelligence services of Russia and China. As stated earlier, The New York Times, Donald trump “blab” state secrets via your iPhone during conversations with old friends.

According to the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, information about the tapping of iPhone trump from Chinese intelligence is not true and could be the basis for best script for “Oscar”.

To protect the American President in the future, she told Trump to change a potentially “bugged” iPhone on smartphone Huawei. However, as noted by Hua Chunying, if the us security experts will remain a doubt, it is possible to fully exclude the use of modern means of communications in the White House.

The statement of the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry looks funny, if we remember that the Huawei accused of spying in the interests of the Chinese government. The hysteria on this score went so far that the US President Donald trump has banned the use of smartphones, Huawei and ZTE in the White House.

Source: Reuters


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