Timekettle Chinese startup has launched mass production of wireless headphones with the function of simultaneous translation. The model is called WT2, it first copies have begun to circulate to the participants of the collective funding on Kickstarter.

Externally, the device looks like a larger version of Apple AirPods. Included with the headphones is a magnetic case with built-in battery. Each earpiece is a separate device, and they both work with one application.

The novelty supports three modes:

fully automatic — operates in real time, but requires a quiet environment;

manual — in this mode you need to touch the headset to mark the beginning of a phrase;

mode bundles with a smartphone — the user says the phrase, and the translation is displayed or reproduced through the speakers.

The autonomy of the device is about two hours, the transfer takes one to three seconds. The novelty supports English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. In the future it is expected to support Portuguese, Arabic, Thai and other languages. About the appearance of Russian is not reported.

The device will cost 220 dollars (about 14.5 thousand rubles).

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