A trade war between China and the United States lasts already long enough. Now the consequences of this conflict are not only additional duties on individual product groups. In some cases, a trade war leads to the imposition of these penalties.

For example, recently became aware of the fact that the Chinese supplier of LCD displays Menpad will penalize its employees for using the iPhone and encouraged, if they prefer products of ZTE and Huawei.

It is reported that fines for the purchase of the iPhone will operate over the next three years. The size of the punishment will depend on the model. The amount of the penalty shall be deducted from the salary. If the employee acquire the device from Huawei or ZTE, the company will reimburse 15% of the money spent.

It should be noted that Menpad is one of thousands of Huawei partners. It is possible that thus the company wants to maintain a Chinese manufacturer of mobile devices, which is now experiencing some difficulties. In particular, some time ago, the products of Huawei have banned the use of civil servants in the USA and Japan.


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