Manufacturers increasingly began to release multiple flagships in one calendar year — so does Huawei, similarly does Samsung. But if fans some vendors are willing to change their smartphones quite often, the followers of other brands rarely change their device for a new one.

Recent studies show the fans what smartphone manufacturers are less prone to buying new devices on a regular basis. It is important to note that the study took place in China, and therefore most of the respondents used smartphones and local production. In this regard, by the way, in the ranking of the missing device from Apple or Samsung.

In the first place turned out to be fans of the line Huawei Mate who are reluctant to change their favorite mobile phones to other models from the manufacturer or its competitors. Next is a line of tablet smartphones from Xiaomi — Xiaomi Mi Max. Unfortunately, the new generation of the series in 2019 did not see the light. In third place Huawei again, this time with a line of smartphones Huawei P. in Addition to the above series of smartphones, the rating also includes the Xiaomi Mi Note, Huawei Maimang, Mix Xiaomi, Redmi Note, Vivo Vivo Y and X.

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