The interest of Chinese users to the iPhone has fallen to a record minimum. Only 17% think about buying American smartphone in the next 12 months.

A study conducted by the UBS. She asked Chinese users, whether they intend to purchase an iPhone in the next two months. Compared with October, when an affirmative answer 22%, now wishing was 5% less.

“We believe that the nationalist movement in China, similar to what we saw at the time of the arrest of the Treasurer of the Chinese Huawei, it is quite possible, and probably impact on sales of the iPhone”, — commented on the results of a survey UBS analyst Timothy Arcuri, it quotes “Interfax”.

According to the expert, the results of 12 months “very accurate”.

Arcuri lowered the target price for Apple shares to $ 225 from $ 235, but maintained a hold recommendation for the securities of the American company.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has entered the country under a state of emergency to protect the ICT infrastructure from foreign threats. May 17, Huawei got in the black list as a threat to national security for the United States. After that, Google has denied Huawei access to updates of the Android mobile operating system. The Huawei company has given 90 days for updates.

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