In the past, the network has already appeared information about the fraudulent schemes by which attackers change the iPhone with aftermarket parts on new smartphones. However, some managed to put in a fake Apple devices. In particular, one of the citizens of China could earn several hundred thousand dollars.

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, for a long enough period, the citizen of China Quan Jiang, who is currently living in Oregon, imported the fake iPhone from Hong Kong. He regularly received small parcels of 20-30 units. As a result of nearly two years Jiang purchased about 3 000 non-original iPhone.

Further enterprising Chinese citizen under a false name applied to Apple’s complaints that his smartphone was no longer included and asked to replace it under warranty. Two years cupertinos satisfied about 1,500 such requests. All new devices Jiang was sent to China, where they were resold for $ 600.

It is noteworthy that in the middle of 2017, Apple suspected of fraud, and the company’s lawyer sent the letter in which has demanded to stop illegal actions. However, Jiang continued to change fake iPhone for a new one. The decisive factor in the whole scheme was the fact that Apple employees are not too carefully checked the device, as they are not included.

At the moment, Jiang admitted his guilt and now to it threatens till 10 years of imprisonment and a fine of two million dollars.


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