According to investigators, the former head of the Leningrad investigative Department of transport Investigative Committee of Russia (IC) in North-West Roman Rusakov in may of 2017 participated in the investigation of illegal movement across the customs border of high-tech products. In the instant case was withdrawn 30 phones brand iPhone7. Rusakov scored on them in safekeeping and put it in your safe.

No later than July of the same year, hares, according to the prosecution, opened the original packaging. The devices were mostly female — silver, color “rose gold”. However, there were also one black, and even memory is 126 GB. It as considers a consequence, the hares decided to keep. And the rest was given away. Popular models average cost of about 50 thousand rubles were given as gifts of gratitude or as payment for some services. Only the Colonel has handed out 15 phones. Instead they put it in the safe Chinese fakes that look like Apple products, but which cost ten times cheaper.

Thus, according to the prosecution, hares exceeded the powers for profit. However, the trouble with the phones were only a concomitant episode in more serious charges.

Instead of a million documents

Exactly a year hares authorized the closing of the summer cafe and restaurant, located on the premises of non-self-propelled barge, standing at Prospekt Dobrolyubova. The charges stemmed from violations of sanitary and fire regulations. As has established a consequence, the violations were flimsy, and public restaurants were closed with a single purpose: to get the founders of a bribe.

The parties came to a consensus on 14 may 2018, and Rusakov personally opened the sealed entrances to a cafe and a restaurant. Later the barge was the officer headed by the Colonel of the division and received a folder with “documents” which is not opening, passed Rusakova. According to investigators, in the folder instead of the papers were 1 million.

According to some, by this time, for Rusakov has already been placed under surveillance by the staff of the St. Petersburg Department of the FSB. The occasion was the information that hares and his old friend Mushegh Tovmasyan planned extortion 5 million rubles for retraining articles and change the measure of restraint (arrest) against businessman Nicholas Cholera.

Tore down a gate across the border

In the night from 26 th to 27 Dec 2017 car, in which were a Finnish citizen of Russian origin Christian Viinikainen and Russian Nikolay Shuler, passed customs inspection at the TPP “Torfyanovka”. The minibus “Mercedes Sprinter”, according to the Declaration, returned to Vyborg from Finland, where Cholera has business interests. In particular, he is co-owner of the store sales immediately for travel abroad from TPP “Torfyanovka” (from the Finnish side).

Solar customs known quite well. Repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for non-Declaration of cargo and personal items. Viinikainen also the custom identity is known — in November 2011 was sentenced Vyborg court to a heavy fine for smuggling perfume and vaccines for the pigs, prevent the depletion. Then the smuggling is also carried in the van, where a lot of cavities and hiding places where you can hide something not very dimensional. Wherefore, the decision of customs officers inspect the minivan x-rays looked quite reasonable.

But solar and Viinikainen for such development of events was clearly not ready. As explained later, in the UK, solar, threatening the customs officer with a gun, which he somehow smuggled across the border, forced the officer to jump out of the car (according to another version, was just thrown on the go). Then the van rammed the gate and disappeared in the direction of Vyborg.

The car soon was found abandoned in the village of Torfyanovka. What it was carrying, and remained a mystery. Solar and Viinikainen after a while they came to the police and said that the officer himself why the car on the move popped up. Well, the barrier has been removed, because it is confused by inadequate actions of the officer.

The secrecy did not help

Investigatory management on transport criminal case under part 2 of article 318 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (application of violence concerning the representative of authority), which provides for a sentence of up to 10 years. Both suspects were sent under arrest, and the criminal investigation requested the Department, which was headed by the hares. According to the prosecution, hares in March 2018 was agreed with Tovmassian about how to get from relatives of Cholera a bribe for retraining articles for the 1st part of (a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years).

Tovmasyan, who has many friends among the customs officers, act as an intermediary in receiving a bribe. It was he, as considers a consequence, in March 2018 held preliminary talks with the employee of Department on counteraction of corruption of the Vyborg customs. The officer had to convey to the relatives of Cholera that if they want to retrain on softer article, it will cost them 5 million rubles.

The officer agreed, but instead of meeting with the relatives of the arrested went to the FSB. The next meeting has already been enlarged (Rusakov, Tovmasyan, customs), took place at the end of June 2018. There were discussed the details of the transfer of money. And hares, showing a clear knowledge of operational practices and basics of the conspiracy, he come to the meeting flatly refused. And is expressed mainly allegorical.

But to the agreement, the Contracting parties came, then came Rusakova supposedly representative of Cholera (in fact, the FSB operative) who agreed to the conditions of the Colonel. In agreement with him, “representative” was to transfer the money Tovmasyan. That was done July 4, 2018 in a cafe on the street of the World. Tovmasyan was detained on the spot, and later came to Rusakova.

The preliminary investigation in the case have been completed and submitted to the court. But the date started of hearings is not appointed yet, 31 July 2019, the Petrograd court prolonged the detention Rusakova and Tovmasyan until 30 September of the current year.

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