Today it became known that the company Apple has filed a lawsuit and the reason for this is again patent. At this time Singapore Asahi Chemical & Solder Industries accuses the iPhone maker of patent infringement, describing the lead-free solders.

Some time ago a Singapore company appealed to the U.S. court, alleging that Apple infringes the patent under the number №6176947. Representatives of the applicant are confident that the patented lead-free solders are used in all electronic devices Apple – from the iPhone to the Mac Pro.

It is noteworthy that the original patent for lead free solders belonged to company H-Technologies Group, which specialized in technological solutions for the electronics industry. However, according to the Asahi Chemical & Solder Industries some time ago they obtained the rights to the patents of H-Technologies Group.

As for the requirements, representatives of the plaintiff requires the court to appoint a “reasonable remuneration”, which Apple will have to pay for using patented technology.


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