Chinese engineer and owner of sun Vincross of Tanki have created a robot Bulbasaur, who himself cares for the plant. This invention wrote the Verge.

Bulbasaur is actually a modification of the Hexa robot which is designed for experimenting with robotics. On top of it is a pot for plants. Using sensors, the robot determines when the flower needed sunlight. Then, with the help of six foot, he brings it closer to the window. When Bulbasaur understands that sunlight is enough, he retreats into the shadows. If the plant needs water, Bulbasaur starts to stomp.

The inventor said that the idea came to his mind when he saw the wilted sunflower. “They have the smallest degree of freedom among all beings in nature,” said Taniki. So he created a robot that helps plants to move around as the Bicycle man.

Tanki told that this robot is perfect for people who have a lot of plants. He had cases where the plants were dried up due to the fact that for a long time under the sun. But Bulbasaur should rectify the situation. In the future, the inventor hopes that people will use large robotic type Bulbasaur to maintain the environment.


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