WASHINGTON, April 12. /TASS/. The conductor of the Philadelphia Symphony orchestra in Pennsylvania Yanik, Nazi-Sagan have created a selection of classical music pieces, intended, in his opinion, especially for stray cats and dogs. This was reported in the press service of the orchestra.

Nazi-Seigen said that he watched his own Pets react to different classical music pieces. “I was inspired by this and I decided to try to create a soothing atmosphere for homeless animals,” said canadian conductor.

The selection available on the streaming services audio Apple Music and Spotify. It includes 326 personally selected by conductor compositions for animals with a total duration of 34 hours. Nazi-Seigen provided to each piece explaining why he chose him. In particular, the band leader says that the Nocturnes by Polish composer Frederic Chopin perfect for an afternoon NAP cats.

In order to help “burn some energy” to the animals, it offers their owners to include the music from the ballet “the rite of Spring” by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. Among the recommendations are the works of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach and Symphony No. 5 of the Austrian composer Gustav Mahler. Most of the compositions recorded and performed by the Philadelphia Symphony orchestra under the direction of Nazi-Sagena.

Music for shelter

Your playlist it is dedicated to National pet day, which was celebrated in USA on April 11. The conductor presented the song list in one of the shelters for the Pets of Pennsylvania. There are activists of the movement against cruelty to Pets. Now songs from the playlist are heard regularly at the shelter.

“I couldn’t resist the opportunity to combine my love of music with my love for animals, said Nazi-Sagen. — Seeing how my cats react to works that we listen to at home, and learn about the benefits of music in shelters, I wanted to contribute and cheer up the animals while they are waiting for their loving owners”.

One of the coordinators of the movement against cruelty to Pets Kayla Dorney believes that musical compositions have a beneficial effect on abandoned animals.

As notes a press-service of the orchestra, research has shown that classical music is beneficial to many animals, including dogs and cats, and calms them down.

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