Asian equity markets prevail in such a foul mood. The index fell at auction in China, South Korea, Japan and even Australia. Reason to maintain and even deepen trade conflicts between Beijing and Washington. Contradictions, which last week has already cost the richest people in the world about 14 billion dollars. And while the business bears the loss, Donald trump continues to demand from China concessions. And even said that China supposedly these concessions ready: asks about the negotiations. However, Beijing has denied.

Wall street hungry for some good news. The major indexes rose slightly after a deep fall in the end of last week. Dow Jones industrial average lost five points, when trump has promised to toughen the tariffs on Chinese goods. One hundred and thirty of them played after the statement of the President of the United States.

“Last night China called our best sales representatives and said, “Let’s get back to the table”. So we are back to the table (of negotiations). And I think they want to do something. They have suffered greatly, but they know it’s right, and I really respect that. I have great respect for him. This is a very positive event for the whole world,” said Donald trump.

In the Chinese foreign Ministry rather surprised. The official representative of Department calls the American side has not confirmed, reiterating that threatening Beijing will not catch. Especially because some of them altogether absurd.

“The so-called withdrawal of American companies from China more like a political slogan than a pragmatic measure. Even if this happens, surely there are others to fill the gap, and ultimately hurt the United States. “Interchange” between the Chinese and American economies is not a good way to ease Sino-us economic and trade friction, it also is not a way to solve the problems of the United States,” warned foreign Ministry spokesman China Geng Shuang.

The conductor will walk! About as it turns out, trump. No tools to rein in his at the White house enough. Force to urgently seek an alternative to the Chinese market for American companies, the law on emergency economic authority from 1977. Trump, however, have to consult with Congress, but he was not the first. Economic state of emergency America announced 54 times, and 29 of these provisions, for example, in the form of sanctions, is still in effect. Yes, only then will inevitably raise the question of compensation.

Apple has 20 percent of revenue is sales in China, Starbucks is half Chinese coffee market. Sales of Tesla in China second after the United States. The head of the White house that can not understand, and maybe that’s why Biarritz suddenly sounds unexpected comment.

Speaking to reporters at the G7 summit in Biarritz in France, the US President was asked whether he regretted his decision to impose tariffs against China. Donald trump said that he regretted it.

“Of course. Why not? — added trump. — I would change my mind”.

The hardest thing in this situation advisors. Larry Kudlow does not know what to do. In fact only on 23 August, the chief said duty on the first group of Chinese goods in the amount of $ 300 billion, will grow by 10 to 15 percent, and the second had a volume of 250 billion from 25 to 30.

“President trump is not quite right heard the question. In fact, he wanted to say that he always has doubts on any issues. That is, he did not think that to abolish duties, he only questioned the need for their improvement. However, we continue to stick to the decision announced by the President on Friday”, — said the Director of the National economic Council the White house Larry Kudlow.

The American economy is not a promise. War is mutual destruction.

“A trade war extremely costly for the US economy. Production is falling since last December, the number of jobs decreases. In General, over the last 2.5 years of the Obama presidency was created more jobs than during the first 2.5 years of the presidency of the trump. Economic growth is likely to remain at 1.5% until the end of the year. And all this because of a trade war,” — says a former employee of the U.S. Treasury Steve Rattner.

In an election year, each such indicator turning the rating values. Trump, who has always relied on advances in the economy, and no alternatives.

“He looks as if he’s depressed, he’s demoralized. It’s not uncommon for trump to say that he has doubts about fees. His economists tell him that slowly but surely we are moving towards recession. His political advisers warned that his ratings are falling, that his attacks on Cummings and four women-the congressmen did not help the ratings to raise. He sees in the economy, in politics and business is not going too well. So he demoralized,” explains CNN.

To ruffle the President of the United States can be different. For example, news about weather events. Managed the publication of Axios story about hurricanes.

Note trump has called another example of fake news. But the author continues to insist that during meetings with his advisers, the White house has repeatedly proposed to deal with natural disaster by using nuclear bombs to drop them directly into the centers of tropical storms.

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