The Muso company specializing in content protection from digital piracy, has published a new study according to which the consumption of the European audience streaming content might have reached its peak. This is evidenced by data collected by Muso thousands of adult Europeans.

According to the results of the survey, 64.2% of respondents said that this year will not pay for additional streaming services. Two-thirds (66.7 percent) reported that they currently subscribe to one or two streaming services, and 20.8% — in three or four. Thus, compared to 80.4% of respondents believe that spending on streaming too much money. Given that the majority of respondents — 66% — on these services per month takes about $ 38, analysts Muso conclude that is the lower limit of the amount that consumers are willing to pay for a nice content to them.

Despite the relatively small sample in the survey and the fact that streaming continues to be a promising area for development, the results are pretty disappointing for new services, Apple, Disney, Britbox, and many others, which should start in 2019, says Deadline. The market will become more segmented and competitive, and users will have to decide on priorities, and this choice will not always be made in favor of the official distributors of content: according to the survey, when respondents lack of interesting materials on the available platforms of 50.8% are willing to search for them on pirate sites.

The head and Muso co-founder Andy Chatterley noted that very soon, to attract consumers to the official streaming platforms will become much more difficult: due to the fact that companies are going to bet on exclusive content, the viewers will be more difficult to decide on which service to pay, and thus increase the likelihood that instead of the official platform, they will go to pirate sites. According to Mr. Chatterley, companies should listen to consumers and take into consideration their needs, but what happens in practice after running Disney+ Apple TV+ time will tell.

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