The vast majority of mobile devices used in the corporate sector are running iOS. To such conclusion analysts of company Egnyte, which develops software for file sharing at enterprises. This is a serious indicator that sets the bar for the entire industry.

Analysts Egnyte analyzed more than 16 petabytes of data to determine which devices prefer corporate users. For example, among desktops on a Windows share accounted for 91%, whereas macOS though, and shows planned growth, while it can boast of only 9%.

iPhone in a corporate environment

With regard to mobile devices, 79% owned by iOS. Of these, 59% for iPhone and 41% for iPad, which many people somehow prefer to think niche and not very popular product. The most popular smartphone among corporate users is the iPhone 7.

Why iPhone 7

Obviously, the model is appreciated for high performance, one of the most resistant to damage buildings in the line and a wide range of functionality.

iPad Air 2 — is still in service

The title of the most used tablet in a corporate environment have received iPad Air 2. Despite decent age, this tablet is not only still performs its tasks, but also provides decent battery life with dimensions comparable to a conventional notebook.


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