It happened!

One trillion dollars (a thousand billion dollars) — this amount is now estimated to be Apple. 2 August 2018, the company’s capitalization for the first time in history exceeded the symbolic mark on the background of the financial reports successful second quarter. Apple has become the second Corporation for all time, which managed to overcome the threshold of one trillion dollars.

At the time of publication, the stock price of Apple rose by 1.95% to $205 per share, capitalization equal to $1.01 trillion. The increase is due to the recent successes of the company. Apple spent a record June quarter, received revenue in the amount of $53.3 billion, which is 17% higher than last year.

Apple has become the second company in history, whose market capitalization amounts to more than a trillion dollars. The first was the Chinese oil company PetroChina in 2007. However, the capitalization of PetroChina lasted at above one trillion dollars for only one day — it was the day of the company on the stock exchange in Shanghai.

Apple has strengthened the title of most expensive companies in the world. The closest pursuers are Apple and other tech giants: Amazon ($869 billion) and Microsoft ($812 billion).


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