According to the latest data, Apple continues to increase spending on various research and development. Last year kupertinovtsy spent more than 13.4 billion dollars. Compared to the same period last year, costs rose by 20%.

It is reported that in the period from April to June of 2018, Apple has spent on research and development of $ 3.7 billion. For comparison, over the same period of 2017 to the same item of expenditure was allocated $ 2.9 billion, and in 2016 — $ 2.6 billion.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the only big company that invests significant amounts in research and development. For example, over the past three months Microsoft has spent on research of $ 3.9 billion, and over the past year – about 14.7 billion dollars. Google allocates to new projects even more – about 18.6 billion dollars a year.

It is difficult to say what exactly Apple is spending such massive amounts. Experts believe that a smaller part of the allocated funds goes to development a new iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch and large – yet unannounced projects. For example, in the automotive autopilot or the development of new technologies.


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