The users who do not forget to regularly update the firmware of devices is already available 138 gender-neutral icon Emoji. These include, for example, a singer, a pilot or an astronaut. Now you will be able to determine their sex. The upgrade will increase the power and to select the appearance of the smileys: first, users were able to change the color of their skin and hair, and now you can select and hair — add curls or bald spot. The changes will affect and couples holding hands. The number of combinations of different genders and skin tones reach thirty.

The company “the Unicode Consortium”, covering the development of emoticons, don’t forget about the people with disabilities, adding the icon with a man with a cane and in a wheelchair. In addition, they promised to introduce emojis with images of hearing AIDS and prosthetic limbs.

Emoji is a Japanese concept that refers to ideograms and smileys used in email correspondence. This kind of language in which words and emotions easily replace their drawn equivalents. They were originally used only in Japan, but after switching to Unicode has spread throughout the world. Especially popular they are in various messengers and social networks. Sets Emoji on Android devices differ depending on versions of the operating system. In addition, there are applications that allow you purchase or for free to expand the library of icons.

The confusion in the faces

When the new Emoji will appear in smartphones, hard to say. Developers are samples, and, based smartphone manufacturers create their own versions, which are slightly different from each other. As a rule, these differences are rarely visible to users, but there are exceptions. Thus, in particular, Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain is caught in an awkward position after he was published from Samsung about their imaginary sexual orientation, with a “scared” smiley. On other devices Emoji was shown as a smiling face drooling that a lot of amused users. However, now the emoticons are relatively reduced to a common denominator.

Changes under pressure

Interestingly, the appearance of certain smileys changing under the influence of public opinion. For example, in 2016, Apple replaced the emojis in the form of real gun picture water “weapons”. This happened on the background of the demands of activists after increasing in the United States mass shootings. Microsoft, by contrast, changed an existing icon Blaster for a gun, explaining that the old version did not meet the “industry standards and expectations of users”. In 2018 amid new attacks in schools, followed by Apple’s Emoji-revolver refused and Samsung, and it will be followed by Microsoft and Google. They all switched to water guns.

Skin color and an inclusive salad

In 2015 in the range of emoticons added emoticons, allowing you to choose from five leather colors. It happened after singer Miley Cyrus made on Twitter in support of the ethnic diversity of emojis. In order to expand the diversity of the icons on the website Emojination was launched voting due to which there is a new Emoji — head in a hijab, broccoli, the creation of which was insisted vegetarians, DNA (on the initiative of the American chemical society) and others.

However, the companies themselves are trying to catch the trends and the mood of the public. For example, in 2018, from Emoji-salad the egg disappeared — as suggested by the developers, this made the dish “more inclusive” and focused on vegans. Then changed the icon of a dagger, which became frankly cartoonish.

The same update has brought a line of Emoji on smartphones operating on the Android platform, a gender-inclusive symbols. Have the opportunity to choose not only the “traditional” picture with heterosexual parents and a child, but other variations — with two moms or two dads. Similar changes have affected the picture couple in love with heart.

Peach is not a peach

There are examples when Emoji was changed in the opposite of the political correctness side. The symbol of peach, only 7 percent of cases is used when you really mean the fruit. In 73 percent of the references he refers to the buttocks. In 2017, Apple decided to rectify the situation and change the icon to make it more peach-like. As a result, users were dissatisfied, and the media wrote that the company “destroying correspondence”. After some time, Apple decided to leave the peach still — ambiguous — character.

I wonder what unspoken values of peach and two emojis, eggplant and banana, is so entrenched in the minds of men that the British firm specializing in organic cosmetics, even released an effervescent bath bombs in them. And moderators Facebook relates these symbols to the category of “the text of sex”.

Cultural differences

Despite the trend towards unification of Emoji, the developers still have to reckon with some differences due to the difference of cultures. Some countries use strange symbols, somewhere in their value will be the opposite, and in some places a banal gesture can be seen as a strong insult. For example, few ordinary European or Russian users know that the white flower in Japan is a well done homework.

The symbol of the angel, which in Europe is associated with purity of thought, in China can decipher as a threat, because in this country it symbolizes death. Icon with applause in China is used as a euphemism for sex — most likely, this Association arose because of the characteristic sounds of clapping.

Widely known Emoji with two folded hands, which most users understand as a symbol of prayer, in fact, was originally created as an analogue of the expression “Gimme five”. However, users continue to use it in “prayer” but in Japan, and as a gesture symbolizing gratitude.

A big thumbs-up and, accordingly, the same Emoji in the West signify approval. In the countries of Central Asia, this gesture will be perceived as an insult. Perhaps for this reason, among the symbols there is no Fig. In China, Korea and Japan is an analogue of the exposed forward of the middle finger, in Germany — a proposal to have sex, and in the Arab countries and Turkey — the strongest sexual offense.

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