A court in China ordered Apple to stop selling older iPhone models in the country. The court came to the conclusion that the company had violated two patents owned by U.S. chip maker Qualcomm. This is stated in the message of Qualcomm. One of the patents associated with the function of editing on Apple devices, the other with the touchscreen iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal said that the ban was pronounced on November 30 and became the first such decision against Apple for the world’s largest smartphone market. “A preliminary injunction is the latest twist in a long legal dispute Apple and Qualcomm,” writes the WSJ. Previously, Qualcomm has filed against Apple more than a dozen lawsuits related to patent infringement in China.

Ban the import and sale probably does not apply to presented in September iPhone XS, Max XS and XR, notes the WSJ. This is because these devices have not entered the Chinese market at a time when it was Qualcomm patent lawsuit to Apple.

“All iPhone models is available to our customers in China,” — said in turn the Apple (quoted by CNBC). The company now sells smartphones with the iOS operating system 12. In her statement, she insists that the ban could be applied only to an iPhone running on an older version of the operating system. She called Qualcomm attempts to ban the sale of Apple products in China “another desperate move by a company whose illegal actions are being investigated by regulators around the world.”

Apple has vowed to use all legal possibilities to address this issue through the courts.

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